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Biological Sciences

Dr. Tom Anderson

Portrait of Dr. Maurina Aranda

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of Missouri, 2016

Office: SW 1245
Research Lab: SW 0310
Phone: (618) 650-3907

Courses Taught: Introduction to Biological Sciences II (BIOL 151), Contemporary Biology (BIOL 111), Ecology (BIOL 365), Quantitative Methods in Experimental Biology (BIOL 417), Freshwater Ecology (BIOL 465), Topics in Organismal Biology (BIOL 596).

Research Interests: I am interested in the factors that structure communities in freshwater ecosystems, especially ponds and other wetlands. Much of this work involves projects that look at intra- and interspecific competition and/or predator-prey interactions, using either amphibians or aquatic invertebrates as study organisms. I combine lab and field experiments, field sampling of natural communities, and modeling approaches to investigate questions on these topics. My current work is primarily focused on two areas: the importance of phenology in species interactions and how phenotypic plasticity (facultative paedomorphosis in salamanders) impacts population dynamics and community structure.

Research Opportunities: There are open opportunities for both undergraduate and Master’s students to participate in experimental and/or field-based projects in aquatic population and community ecology. Students interested in doing research should contact me and visit my personal webpage for more information.

Selected Publications

Anderson, T.L., L.W. Sheppard, J. A. Walter, T.D. Levine, S.P. Hendricks, D.S. White, and D.C. Reuman. 2019. Mechanisms of spatial synchrony in freshwater plankton: an evaluation timescale and geographic structure in synchrony drivers. Limnology and Oceanography 64:483-502

Anderson, T.L., J. A. Walter, T.D. Levine, S.P. Hendricks, K. L. Johnston, D.S. White, and D.C. Reuman. 2018. Using geography to infer dispersal patterns of synchrony in freshwater plankton. Oikos 127:403-414

Anderson, T. L., F. E. Rowland, and R. D. Semlitsch. 2017. Variation in phenology and density differentially affect predator-prey interactions. Oecologia. 185:475-486

Anderson, T. L. and R. D. Semlitsch. 2016. Top predators and habitat complexity alter an intraguild predation module in pond communities. Journal of Animal Ecology 85: 548-558

Anderson, T. L., B. H. Ousterhout, W. E. Peterman, D. L. Drake and R. D. Semlitsch. 2015. Life history differences influence the impacts of drought on two pond-breeding salamanders. Ecological Applications 25: 1896-1910

Anderson, T. L. and H. H. Whiteman. 2015. Asymmetric effects of intra- and interspecific competition on a pond-breeding salamander. Ecology 96: 1681-1690


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