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2012 Senior Projects

Alsop, Thomas

Altered States of Consciousness and Religion/Spirituality ( pdf)

Barker, Taylor

Activity Patterns in Three Mid-1800s Illinois Populations: An Analysis of Biomechanical Stress on the Skeleton ( pdf)

Bruner, Tyler

Javanese Cultural Preservation in Suriname ( pdf)

Crumley, Don

The Issues of Categorizing Race and Ethnicity in Everyday Life ( pdf)

George, Liz

Clothing and Identity of Military Wives ( pdf)

Greenleaf, Steven

A GIS Predictive Model of Archaeological Sites in Madison County, Illinois ( pdf)

Hall, Rachael

Effects of Freezing on Soft Tissue Decomposition ( pdf)

Harper, Amber

Surveying the Whiteside Cemetery Using Geophysical Remote Sensing Techniques ( pdf)

Hummel, Curtis

Qualitative Analysis of Paradigm Shifts in American Anthropology: The Hermeneutics of Language ( pdf)

Jackson, Derrien

Marvels of the Mud: An Investigation into the Firing Methods of Mississippi Valley Ceramics ( pdf)

Jamruk, Kate

Bugging Out: A study of the Effects of Mace and Chloroform on Insect Activity and its Implications for Interpreting Postmortem Interval pdf

Jones, Vincia

Light as a Rock: Examining the Role of Food Relations and Family Messages in the Normalization of Weight Obsession Among College Women pdf)

Kretzer, Anna-Maria

The Company Quilters Keep: Comparing Communal and Solitary Quilters in the Midwest ( pdf)

Leady, Lucas

Three-Dimensional Analysis of Artifacts and Features: Koster Site, Horizon 11 ( pdf)

McOwan, J. Jacob

Maroon Institution Building in Suriname ( pdf)

Okosi, Justin

The Effects of Preservation Methods on the Properties of Bone and Soft Tissue ( pdf)

Rohde, Ben

Hagen Mounds: Magnetic Exploration at a Lower Illinois Valley Mound Group ( pdf)

Sanders, James

Sourcing Chert Types from the Gehring Site: Analysis of Potential Movement Patterns ( pdf)

Scott, Jason

Analysis of Sex Ratio Management in Captive Primates ( pdf)

Walters, Paige

Transition Shock: A Home Away From Home ( pdf)

Weaver, Victoria

Using the Future to Study the Past: FT-IR Spectroscopy ( pdf)

Wegeschede, Matthew  

Phased and Confused: A Ceramic Analysis of the Gehring Site, 11MS99 ( pdf)

Wofford, Kelsey

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: An Analysis of Soft Tissue Damage from Simulated Firearm Injuries ( pdf)
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