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2008 Senior Assignments

 Lori Belknap

" Hammering out the Facts: An Analysis of Copper at Mound 34, Cahokia"[ pdf 
--Anthropology Department Best Senior Project Award

First Place 2008 Illinois Archaeological Survey student paper competition

Christopher Casey

" Prehistoric Ceramics: An Analysis and Reproduction of Cahokian Pottery"[pdf ]

Gregory Guntren

" Using Experimental Archaeology to Reconstruct the Circular Post Structure from the D. Hitchens Site"[ pdf ]

Richard Hartrum

 " Making a Dugout Canoe Using Fire and Stone"[ pdf ]

Jamie Haines

" Analysis of Historical Euro-American Skeletal Remains from the Old Darwin Cemetery, Darwin, Illinois"[ pdf 
--Anthropology Department Senior Project Showcase Recognition Award

Second Place 2008 Illinois Archaeological Survey student paper competition

Brian Evans

" Culture and the Stone: Gravestone Forms and Motifs in a Southern Illinois Cemetery"[ pdf ]

Brian Kumpf

" An Interactive Online Human Evolution Tutorial: Technological Solutions to Teaching Anthropology"[ pdf 
--Anthropology Department Best Senior Project Award 
--Anthropology Department Senior Project Showcase 

Kye Miller

" Analysis and Significance of the Copper Site in Cahokia's Hinterlands"[ pdf ]


Alyse Verderber

The Power of Propaganda: Chronicling Gender Role Change in Hitlerpdf]

Meghan Jones

Obtaining Immortality and Personal Wellbeing: The Influence of the Chinese Bottle Gourd Motif [ pdf]

Andrew Tiler Ross

" Mammal Behavior and Concentration in Urban Settings vs. Rural Settings"[ pdf ]

Ernesto Rivera

West African Artifacts in the Divine Design Museum Exhibit: A Cultural Materialist Perspective" [ pdf ]

Tara Holland

" Hinduism through the Eyes of Cultural Materialism: Artifacts in the Divine Design Museum Exhibit"[ pdf ]

Aislinn Marshall

" Islamic Sacred Artifacts in the Divine Design Museum Exhibit"[ pdf ]

Leighann Jones

" Aliens or Allies: Images of Immigrants in Contemporary American Cultural Texts"[ pdf ]

Denae Crowl

" Human-Macaque Interactions and Related Effects on Macaque Behavior and Conservation"[ pdf ]

Bran McGregor

" Across an Ocean: The Yoruba Roots of American Hip-Hop"[ pdf ]


Zachary Senger

" The Language and Culture of 'World of Warcraft'"[ pdf ]

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