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2007 Senior Assignments

Erin Marks

Who Fed Cahokia? An analysis of the D. Hitchens Site[ pdf]
--Undergraduate Research Academy

Lacey Heflin

Faunal Analysis of the 2005 Stephenson House Excavations in Madison County, Illinois: The Analysis of Socioeconomic Status in the Upland South Cultural Tradition [ pdf]
--First Place 2007 Illinois Archaeological Survey student paper competition
--First Place 2007 Midwest Archaeological Conference student paper competition

Linda Coats

An Interpretation of Archaeological Investigations at the A.E.Harmon and the D. Hitchens Sites Through Display Media [ pdf]

Sarah Linhart

Introduction to Anthropology through Museum Displays

Felicia Yates

What Gravestones are Trying to Tell Us: A Comparative Study of Late 19th and Late 20th Century America Death Culture at a Rural Midwestern Cemetery [ pdf]

Charles Pearson

Skeletal Casts: One and the Same? [ pdf]

Julia Jacobs

Sisters and Sorors: The Differences Between Predominantly White and Predominantly Black Sororities [ pdf]

Patrick Sullivan

Native American Smoking Pipes: A Focus on Plain Indians Bowls and Stems [ pdf]

Rebecca Hillier

Is That Your Left or My Left? An Experimental Archaeological Investigation of Cordage Twist Direction [ pdf]

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