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Alumni- 2004

 Shannon Moore

I came to SIUE in the fall of 2001 after completing two years of study at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. I had always been interested in Archaeology, and was interested in pursuing a career in Egyptology. At SIUE I focused on Archaeology, and became quite interested in Illinois Archaeology while studying under Dr. Holt. In the summer of 2002, I got the opportunity to participate in Dr. Holt's field school at the A.E. Harmon Site (11MS136), which was a fantastic learning experience. The following school year was my senior year and I spent this time working for Dr. Holt as a Flotation Assistant processing the flotation samples that we had collected from the site. I later analyzed artifacts found in the pit structures at our field school site and used this data as part of my senior assignment entitled, "Prehistoric Pit Structures at the A.E. Harmon Site (11MS136)." I graduated in 2003 with a B.A. in Anthropology and a minor in Art History. 


That fall, I attended the Midwest Archaeological Conference in Milwaukee where Dr. Holt presented a paper she had co-written with two other students and me on the A.E. Harmon Site. The article based on this paper, "Late Woodland-Emergent Mississippian Occupation and Plant Use at the AE Harmon Site (11MS136) was published in the spring 2010 issue of the Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology.

I began working for a Contract Archaeology company during the spring of 2003 as an Archaeological Assistant, focusing on lab work. In 2005, after two years of employment, they decided to let me go, which soured my opinion of Contract Archaeology. I still love Archaeology, but I did not have any luck finding a rewarding, long-term position in the field.

In the years that followed I did a great deal of soul-searching to determine what else I could do with my life that I would love as much as I loved Archaeology. I decided on a career in health care, and more specifically Pharmacy. In 2009 I was accepted into SIUE's School of Pharmacy, and have just passed the half-way point (only 2 more years left to go). Currently I am living in Collinsville, working part time as a pharmacy technician, and attending Pharmacy School full time. My fiancé and I are currently planning our wedding in the U.S. Virgin Islands for November 28, 2012.

P.J. Gustafson

I got my first introduction to Anthropology when I took Dr. Nancy Lutz's 111 class and found that I was really interested in what we were learning. So, I dropped the minor I was pursuing and took up Anthropology as my 2nd major. I specialized in Archaeology, and therefore took several of Dr. Julie Holt's classes, where I found a large interest in Prehistoric Native American studies, particularly the Mississippian cultures. I started volunteering at Cahokia Mounds, and made a video for my senior project comparing Cahokia with Angel Mounds and Moundville (and I'm told that some of the professors still show this video in their classes).

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons I had to reduce my Anthropology major into a minor during my last semester of classes. After graduating in August of 2003, 

 I followed another passion and went to work in the software industry for a company based in Houston, TX. My Anthropology training has not been forgotten, however, and in fact I find myself needing to use the cultural relativity training that was hammered into me from day one in Nancy's class. In my job, I constantly come into contact with people of various cultures all around the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, as I've traveled to those various places to work with different types of business. Each group I work with has a different dynamic to it, and my Anthropology studies have really helped me to not only understand, but appreciate them as well. 

In addition to my professional life, I now volunteer at a developing flight museum in Houston, and am finding myself using some of the museum theory lessons that I learned in assisting with the growth of this organization. This goes along with another passion that I am pursuing… earning my private pilot's license.


Jennifer Wilkey


Hello, my name is Jennifer. I have constantly busy little hands in work ranging from art to archaeology. I received degrees in both from SIUE and found that the areas meshed together nicely. I combine these interests in my anthropology senior project, "Determining the Function of Stumpware in the American Bottom through Experimental Archaeology." By recreating this ceramic style of the American Bottom, I explored ideas on the uses for the unusual forms. After graduation from SIUE, I worked full time as a contract archaeologist at both Parsons and ITARP, as well as working as a gallery assistant and on the installation crew at the Contemporary Art Museum in St.Louis.

I currently attend Syracuse University as a graduate student in Art Photography. Since moving to the east coast, I have continued to take courses relating to Museum Studies and Anthropology. However, my current anthropological interests lie in the construct of illness in our current society.


I recently helped current the exhibition "On the Move" at the Everson Museum in Syracuse , NY , as well as independently curating film and video screenings associated with the show.

While at Syracuse University , I found a love for teaching. I have taught introduction photography and art history classes at the college level, as well as performed workshops and visiting artist lectures for younger students. My summer of 2007 was spent in Chicago as an intern for the Chicago Artists' Coalition, where I hope to return in 2008. In addition, my artwork has been shown frequently in the US and Canada .

In my current artistic research, I am recording the hospital, performing as a patient, and creating visceral artifacts about the experience of illness. My photographs, videos, and installations explore of how pathologies effect both body and mind. The space I work in is between the worlds of the hospital and the outside world. My mother is my constant inspiration and strength and my interest in illness stems from my family's experience.Please visit my website:


Matthew Terry


While at SIUE I participated in the 2002 archaeology field school at the A.E. Harmon Site (11MS136). During my senior year, I began working on my senior project. I reconstructed a keyhole structure which we excavated at field school. After graduation, I continued working with ITARP at the Janey B. Goode site, located in Brooklyn Illinios. Since gradution, I have worked on sites in Missouri, the American Bottom, Southern Illinois, Southeastern Georgia, Northern Florida, Central Illinois, and Western Indiana. As of March 2007, I am back with ITARP working on a French Colonial site in Cahokia, Illinois. I am also in the process of getting my senior project published in Illinois Archaeology. Furthermore, my reconstructed structure is in the process of natural decay, which hopefully will someday be of use to archaeologists.


Toshia Evans


I graduated from SIUE in 2005 with an Anthropology major and Spanish minor. I completed my archaeological field school right here in Edwardsville, IL, then completed a paleoethnobotanical research project using

data collected from our site. I was married in 2006 and my husband and I have traveled working as archaeological field technicians for several years. We've worked in New York, Washington, Illinois, Wyoming, Georgia, and North Carolina. While working in WA I had the opportunity to work with the Lower Elwah Klallam tribe while helping to excavate their ancestral village site.

In NC we worked right on the beach and watched dolphins while we worked. WY is just amazing. I completed my Spanish minor in Costa Rica. My husband and I then spent several months traveling throughout Latin America.

I now reside in Asheville , NC where I work as an ESL teacher's assistant. I spend my days translating for Spanish speaking parents who come into the school or call, and I write all of the Spanish newsletters that are sent home. Working with the children is great - and I'm learning a lot. 
I plan to begin the MA TESOL program at Western Carolina University next fall. My husband is using his total station skills as an apprentice at a land survey company.


Jenny Nolan- O'Dell


I received a Bachelors degree from SIUE in Anthropology, concentration in archaeology. While at SIUE, I studied prehistoric archaeology under Dr. Julie Holt and historical archaeology under Dr. Matthew Emerson and worked for the Illinois Transportation Archaeological Research Program, conducting cultural resource management. After graduation from SIUE, I received a Masters in History and Museum Studies from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in May 2006. My master's project, The Illinois-Missouri Freedom Trail: A National Endowment for the Humanities Grant Proposal , centered on networking regional African-American historic sites and creating educational programming at each location.

In Addition I was a graduate research assistant at the St. Louis Science Center for two years, writing and delivering science education programs in Ecology and Environment. I also worked in the paleontology "Prep Lab" at the center, preparing fossils and training interns, volunteers, and staff.

During the summers of 2005 and 2006, I delivered the "I Can Dig It" program at the Science Center, teaching archaeology and paleontology. Both summers I traveled to Jordan, Montana to prospect and excavate fossils with the Science Center and the Eastern Missouri Society for Paleontology.

Since graduation, I have worked on archaeological sites in Arrow Rock, Missouri and Illinois. I assist with the Jersey County Victorian Festival annually and am Assistant to the Director at the Fulkerson Mansion and Farm Museum in Jerseyville, IL. I plan to pursue a doctoral degree in Anthropology (Historical Archaeology), specializing in folklore and historic preservation. My research interests include Victorian material culture, African-American folkways, and vernacular architecture.

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