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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable
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Accounts Payable

General Guidelines

Additional Approvals

If the payee and the fiscal officer/delegate are the same or if late travel (see Employee Expenses). All other additional approvals are the responsibility of the department, as these are not AP office requirements.


Departments must use the current form found on the AIS web site then select Electronic Forms, then select Edwardsville campus. The forms must be completed on-line. E-forms that are not current, incomplete or filled out incorrectly will be returned to the department. This will further delay payment to the vendor.

Multiple invoices may be paid with a single IDF as long as it is the same vendor and same PO number (unless unencumbered). We do ask that you limit the number of invoices to fifteen for each IDF.

Special handling: make sure to note this on the IDF. Is it really special handling? Two full business days are needed in order to get a check. Checks cannot be sent through campus mail. If picking up a check, know who the vendor is. If sending someone over to pick up a check, be sure they know what they need.

Employee Expenses

By State regulation travel vouchers must be submitted promptly, preferably within 30 calendar days, but not later than 60 days, upon completing the travel. Late vouchers must have Vice Chancellor approval. If the travel expense voucher is not submitted within 60 calendar days of the trip's completion, any reimbursement is considered taxable income to the employee, unless a Travel - Late Submission Exception Request form is approved by Accounts Payable. That form can be found at the following address:


Use the Pcard for small dollar orders. If you need to request an increase on the daily and monthly limits, contact the Pcard administrator. For further information the web site is

Purchase Orders

A standard purchase order (SPO) is for one-time purchases and for continuous services i.e. a chair, utilities, maintenance. An AP invoice distribution form (IDF) is not needed if the SPO is for goods and receiving is required. If for a service, an IDF is required in order to process payment. If items are received for an SPO by the department, complete the receiving information as soon as possible.

State Funds

Currently we have a two-month lapse period to process payments for the previous fiscal year. Goods and services that were ordered prior to July 1st can be received and paid for in July and August. If received later or the invoices have not been processed by the end of the lapse period, then local funds must be used to process payment or the vendor will be required to go through the State of Illinois Court of Claims.

Unencumbered Payments

Unless found on the "Procurement and Payment of Services without a Purchase Requisition" list (found on our website at or the invoice is under $5,000*, all requests for payments must have a purchase order number. Unencumbered payments must have a completed IDF or travel voucher with the supporting documentation attached.

* The following exceptions must use the requisition process no matter the dollar amount:

  • Buses / RadioActive Materials / Ethyl Alcohol / Live Animals
  • Purchases involving installation / labor so that prevailing wage can be enforced (Furniture)

Vendor Invoices

All vendor invoices should be sent directly to the AP office. If the department receives the vendor invoice, it should be sent to the AP office immediately. If the invoice requires an IDF, it should be sent at the same time.

Annual contracts should go from July 1 to June 30. If purchased/started at a different beginning date, the vendor should prorate the first year and start the next contract on July 1st. The vendor’s invoice should reflect the dates of service. Examples of annual contracts are maintenance and leases.

Provided the invoice has the option, departments can pay for multiple year subscriptions.

Check AIS for the status of the invoice/payment before calling the AP office. For training go to their web site

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