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Administrative Accounting
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Administrative AccountingHEED Diversity Award

Financial Records and Reports

Administrative Accounting is responsible for recording all financial transactions of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville into the accounting records of the University, maintaining control records of total state appropriations for SIUE and assembling, analyzing and reporting financial information for both external and internal use.

There are several reports that are available on a monthly basis in the AIS System.  They should be available by the 4th workday of each month and are based upon information entered into the AIS System during the previous month.  These reports should be reconciled to the departmental records to verify their accuracy:

            i.          SIU FO/Delegate Funds Available Report
            ii.          SIU FO Funds Available – Report of Transactions
            iii.         SIU GL FO Encumbrance Status Report
            iv.         SIU General Ledger Summary Report
            v.         SIU General Ledger Summary Report of Transactions
            vi.         SIU Summary Funds Available Report

To produce these online reports, AIS accounting data is “frozen” after the last calendar day of the reporting month and loaded into special tables for fiscal officer reporting.  The reports are prepared against the tables of “frozen” data (for example, the March 2018 reports are prepared on AIS data frozen for reporting as of close of business on March 31, 2018).  This process allows the data to remain consistent; further, it prevents the data in the reports from changing if the reports are re-run later in the month.

Reports may only be run for the previously completed month.  For example, running reports in April 2018 will return reports for March 2018.  Report data is overlaid each month.  As such, if you wish to retain reports into the future, you must run the reports each month and save the reports’ output on your computer’s hard disk.

These reports run in “batch” mode.  That is, the end user submits reports to the AIS Concurrent (batch job) manager system.  Reports wait in a processing queue until adequate system resources are available to execute them.  User should not expect immediate execution of their reports but should use the report status features of AIS to monitor report processing.

Reminder to Fiscal Officers and Delegates: 
The Bylaws and Policies of the Southern Illinois University’s Board of Trustees specify that the University Treasurer is responsible for opening and maintaining bank accounts.  Dr. Duane Stucky, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs and Board Treasurer, was assigned the Board Treasurer functions effective January 1, 2003, therefore, only Dr. Stucky may establish new bank accounts on behalf of the University.
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