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Quality Checkup — Overview

The Quality Checkup requires two or more evaluators and occupies two or more days on campus. The size of the team and the duration of the visit depend on the institution’s size and complexity and the number and seriousness of the issues the team is to examine. If issues to be covered are complicated or the institution is complex, a larger team and longer visit may be warranted.

The leader or a team member of an organization’s last systems appraisal may serve as an evaluator. The AQIP reviewers and consultant-evaluators with experience in the PEAQ process prepare for the visit by reviewing relevant organizational and AQIP file materials, particularly the organization’s last Systems Appraisal Feedback Report and the commission’s internal Organizational Profile, which summarizes information reported by the institution in its Institutional Update. At least four weeks before the visit, the institution provides a report (as specified below) to AQIP, which is shared with the evaluators. Visits normally occur in the three-year period prior to an organization’s scheduled reaffirmation of accreditation, but additional visits (with or without this component) may be requested by an organization at any time.

Goals of the AQIP Quality Checkup Visit

  • Affirming the accuracy of the organization’s online Systems Portfolio and verifying included information

  • Reviewing, with organizational leaders, Action Projects and strategies identified to capitalize on the strengths and opportunities for improvement

  • Ensuring continuing organizational quality improvement commitment

  • Confirming the institution’s compliance with accreditation expectations and counseling the institution concerning any issues that require immediate attention

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