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Who We Are: SIUE's Chemistry Club is an ACS certified student organization where we make connections
with the community, host annual events, and celebrate and share our love for Chemistry.

Who Can Join? Membership is not limited to Chemistry majors. Any student of SIUE or interested faculty
member is welcome to participate in Chemistry Club events.

What We Do: The Chemistry Club meets every week to discuss ideas for activities. We have a number of
annual events, such as our Book Bake Sale, Pentathalon, assistance with the annual Probst lecture, and
holiday parties. We also try and coordinate tours every year of local companies and industries. We are
very open to new ideas!

Why Join Chem Club? Chemistry Club is a great way to meet new people, make connections, and to have
fun. We have our own furnished room, SL1107, where meetings are held, and where active members can
rest between classes, do homework, or work on the computer.

Meetings are held in the Chem Club Room (SL 1107) on the 1st floor of the Science Building. Meeting
times have not yet been decided. We'd love to see you there!

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