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Proceedings of the first two Conferences on Function Spaces at SIUE were published with Marcel Dekker in the Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics series (#136 & #172); the Proceedings of the last two Conference have been published by the American Mathematical Society in the CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS series.

We plan to publish the Proceedings of the Fifth Conference in the same CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS series.  The AMS  already granted a provisional approval for the project.  According to the policy of CONM the final approval can only be granted after receipt and review of all referee reports for papers to appear.



  • The papers submitted for publication must be original, not previously published or intended for publication elsewhere. Preliminary papers (to be published elsewhere in final form) or summaries of  results previously published or soon to appear, are not acceptable.
  • Both survey articles and research papers containing new results are welcome
    • expository articles that provide an overview of new developments are especially encouraged,
    • the research papers should be addressed to broad audience and provide an extensive introduction,
    • papers containing technical results, interesting for few experts only, are not acceptable.
  • CONM is an author-prepared series which means the AMS reproduces directly from camera-ready copy prepared by the author (instructions from the AMS below).
  • The final versions of the manuscripts should be received by the Editor by September 1, 2006 (an earlier submission will be greatly appreciated). Send the manuscript by email (include, as an attachments both the pdf/ps and the tex file) to:
                                             Krzysztof Jarosz
                                             Department of Mathematics & Statistics
                                             Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
                                             Edwardsville, Illinois 62026-1653, USA
  • All papers will be refereed.
  • The AMS will provide to the authors a complimentary copy of the book upon publication and 50 free offprints of each article (to be divided among coauthors as necessary).


from Christine M. Thivierge, AMS


 Your final manuscript should be prepared using LaTeX or AMS-TeX.

The ARC contains important information and documents related to publishing with the AMS.  To help you prepare your manuscript correctly for publications, we recommend that you visit the ARC, in particular, the following sites:

Why LaTeX

You will find information on why it is beneficial for authors to use LaTeX for manuscript preparation.

Author TeX Packages -

  The AMS offers author packages for use with AMS-TeX and AMS-LaTeX (compatible with LaTeX2e), which properly format your manuscript.  You should obtain the Contemporary Mathematics (Proceedings) package.  Use of these packages is strongly recommended.   Please do not use magnification or a \documentclass size option.  The type size should be 10pt.

Creating Graphics

You will find instructions on creating graphics that are acceptable for publication.  Please note that if your graphics are not prepared correctly, you will be required to fix them and resubmit your manuscript.


        The deadline for manuscript submission is September 1, 2006 

       A PDF or PS version as well as the TEX version of your original manuscript should be submitted to:



       CONM is an author-prepared series which means that authors are responsible for the proper formatting of accepted manuscripts.  The AMS will produce the volume directly from camera-ready copy provided by authors using output from your .dvi file.   We strongly recommend the use of the Contemporary Mathematics (Proceedings) author package

       If you do not use the author package please be sure that the style you use remains consistent throughout the manuscript (the type size must be 10pt.) and that the required page dimensions are met:

-          Type block measures 5 x 8 3/8 inches or 12 1/2 x 21 1/4 centimeters.

-          NOTE that the FIRST page of the text, including the title, should measure only 6 1/2 inches or 16 1/4 centimeters in length.

-          Please include running heads when measuring text.

-          Do not include page numbers at the bottom of a page when measuring.

       We recommend that you obtain the page layout template which will give you a visual guide to the proper page dimensions.  It is available from:

       Please include a footnote containing the 2000 Math Subject Classification Numbers which are applicable to your paper.  The list of numbers is available from:

If you have technical questions, you should first try the AMS web site: and if you do not find the answer(s) you need, you should contact our Technical Support group via their special email address: making sure that you include CONM/Jarosz3 in your message to identify this volume.

Manuscripts that are not prepared according to the instructions or contain unacceptable graphics will be returned to authors for reformatting.  Please be sure that you do not destroy any relevant electronic files. If you are unable to fix your manuscript, please contact the editor(s) of the volume for assistance.

The final responsibility for preparing manuscripts according to the instructions remains with the editor(s) of the volume.  The AMS reserves the right to exclude, from the volume, any manuscripts that are not submitted in the appropriate form.

GRAPHICS:  Detailed instructions are available on the AMS web site:

       Some important notes are:

*  line weights (width) must be at least 0.5pt

*  screens must be between 15% and 85%

*  figures should be created at the size they are to appear in the publication (no scaling)

* use of color graphics should be avoided, or used only if it is mathematically essential to the paper. Those who wish to use color graphics must notify the AMS prior to manuscript submission.  Authors are required to pay for all costs associated with producing color graphics.

* color graphics to be printed in black and white or grayscale should be converted to black and white or grayscale before submitting to the AMS.  Do not create a graphic in color if it is not to appear in color in the published product. These graphics should be saved as grayscale. 

*  \special commands must be compatible with Radical Eye Software's dvips.  We recommend using the graphicx package to include graphics


       If you are using any of your own material that has appeared elsewhere, you MUST obtain permission from the original publisher, unless you retained copyright.

       You MUST obtain permission to use another person's work, including figures, pictures, and quotations, whether or not it has been previously published.

       Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission(s) and forwarding these to the AMS along with your manuscript.

       Permission request forms are available from:

       If permission is not obtained prior to production, publication of the volume in which your paper may appear will be delayed.

MANUSCRIPT ACCEPTANCE/FINAL SUBMISSION TO THE AMS:  Upon acceptance of your manuscript by the editor please do the following:

            Verify that the type size of the text of your manuscript is 10pt.  You should not submit a manuscript with any other type size.

            Please remove any magnification commands (AMS-TeX) or \documentclass size options (LaTeX).

       Carefully proofread your manuscript prior to submission.  The AMS does not proofread or provide proof copy of manuscripts prior to publication.

       Once properly formatted, send the final camera-ready hard copy (required) along with a completed author checklist ( to my attention.  This should be done no later than four weeks after final acceptance.  Your hard copy must match your final .dvi file.

       Submit your .dvi, .eps and .tex files to the AMS.  Submission information is available on the AMS web site:

NOTE Production of the volume will not begin until we receive both the hard copy and electronic submissions for all accepted papers.


       Each author receives a complimentary copy of the volume.

       Fifty offprints of each article will be supplied gratis (to be divided among authors).  You will receive an offprint order form when production begins.  You may order additional offprints or covers at that time.

       Please notify us of any changes in your address

       I may be contacted via e-mail: or phone: 1-800-321-4267 (ext. 4051).

Christine M. Thivierge
Acquisitions Assistant
American Mathematical Society          Phone: 401-455-4051
201 Charles Street Fax: 401-331-3842
Providence, RI 02904                    


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