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The Fourth Conference on Function Spaces at SIUE

May 14-19, 2002

The on-line registration form may not work properly on some servers. If you get an error message send the registration information by email to Krzysztof Jarosz at 

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The lectures will start at 9am on Tuesday May 14, 2002. We will meet the participants at the Lambert International Airport in St. Louis.

Check here if you plan to drive.

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I intend to submit, by September 1, 2002, a paper based on my talk for the Proceedings of the Conference to be published with AMS in the Contemporary Mathematics series.  Yes  No  Maybe 


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I request accommodation in a two bedroom & one bathroom unit in the Residence Hall at the SIUE campus: 

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Registration fee & accommodation payment

I am sending, by regular mail, a check for $100 

The registration fee includes several meals during the Conference at the SIUE campus.

I am sending, by regular mail, a check for $ for my the accommodation to:

K. Jarosz
Department of Mathematics & Statistics,
Edwardsville, Illinois 62026-1653
Please make checks payable to: Dept. of Math. and Stat., SIUE .

You can also pay for the accommodation and registration fee at the beginning of the Conference, but it would make it really simpler for the organizer if you sent the payment in advance; if you cancel your reservation/registration before the beginning of the Conference all payments will be returned in full.

We expect to receive a small grant from the  NSF to assists the participants with some of the local expenses, it is intended primarily for participants without other travel funds; contact the organizer for details. 

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