Banach Algebras 2009

A conference supported by the European Science Foundation under the ESF-EMS-ERCOM partnership

July 14-24, 2009, Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center, Będlewo, Poland

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  • Slides from lecture presentations are being added to our web page. To download go to the Participants or to the Speakers page and click on the new link after the abstracts.
  • Conference pictures are available here courtesy Volker Runde and here courtesy Bert Schreiber.

This conference is the nineteenth in a series of conferences in Banach algebras that started in 1974 at Los Angeles. The most recent meetings were held at Quebec (2007), Bordeaux (2005), Edmonton (2003), Odense (2001) and Pomona (1999). A brief history of the Banach Algebras Conferences may be found here; a much more comprehensive account of the first thirteen meetings was written by H. G. Dales for the Proceedings of the 13th Conference and published by Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 1998.

We expect that most specialists in Banach algebras as well as leading mathematicians from related areas will attend this conference. In the past, these conferences have always led to fruitful interactions between the participants, and we expect this tradition to continue.

Time:   The lectures will commence on Wednesday morning, July 15, 2009 and finish on Thursday afternoon July 23, 2009.

Transportation: For those who arrive on July 14 and depart on July 24 there will be a bus transportation arranged between the airport and train station in Poznań and the Conference Centre. If you arrive or departure on a different day you will have to get to the Center on your own (not entirely trivial). The cost of taxi transportation from the Center to the airport or the train station in Poznan is approximately 100zl + tax if using one of the taxi agencies having a cooperative agreement with the Center.

The average mid day (night) temperature during that time is 24C (14C)

The cost for attendance at the whole conference will be 1,200 Polish Zloty (PLN) for a shared room and 1,500 PLN for a private room (link to a currency converter).  The costs include accommodation and all meals as well as transfers between Poznan and Bedlewo on July 14 and on July 24; they do not include drinks at the bar. Also there are expected to be one or two excursions available, and there will be an extra charge for those who participate in these. Registrations to attend a part of the Conference will be accepted only if there are still rooms available after accommodating the full time participants; the cost will be 160 PLN for one day in a shared room and 200 PLN in a private room.

Accommodation and registration payments can be made at the Center with cash or using credit cards. Other expenses at the Center can be paid with cash in local currency (zl) or Euro. 

Registration Fee: 200 Euro if paid by May 30, 2009; 240 Euro after June 1, 2009.

The organizers are applying for funding to help to defray the local cost and the registration fee; most likely such funding will be very limited. We expect not to be able to provide any travel grants for travel to or from Poznan. There will be an opportunity to apply for exemption from some or all costs of accommodation and the registration fee on the application form.

The number of rooms at the Conference Center is limited; we will not be able to accommodate all applicants (see the Registration page for more information). 



The local host will be Andrzej Sołtysiak at  UAM, Poznań, assisted by Michal Jasiczak of Poznań.  The other members of the organizing committee are  H. Garth Dales (Leeds, UK) and Krzysztof Jarosz (Illinois, US).

The Honorary  President is Professor Wiesław Żelazko (Mathematical Institute, Warsaw, Poland). 

Contact: Professor Andrzej Sołtysiak,  Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Adam Mickiewicz University, ul. Umultowska 87, 61-614 Poznań,  Poland
phone: 48 61 829 54 29
fax: 48 61 829 53 15




The Committee consists of the Local Organizing Committee, together with Jean Esterle (Bordeaux, France), Niels Gronbaek (Copenhagen, Denmark), Richard  Loy (Australian National University, Canberra), Zina Lykova (Newcastle, UK), Alexei Pirkovskii  (Moscow, Russia),  Thomas Ransford  (Laval, Canada), and Volker Runde (Edmonton, Canada).

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