International Forum

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Editorial Board:
    Ching-chih Chen

    Akira Ishikawa
    Steven An-yhi Lin

    Thomas Paxson
    Samuel Pearson
    Ulrich Steinvorth
    Naiteh Wu
    Kiichiro Yagi
    Bong Joon Yoon
Editors: Luis Youn
                Thomas Lavallee

Editorial Associates:
     Ellen Nore
     Ezio Vailati
     Zulfia Kisrieva-Ware        
     Richard Spencer
     Nancy Avdoian
     Sangki Kim

This cyber-journal is an international forum to discuss the issues on the peoples and cultures of Asia.    We invite contribution of scholarly articles, essays for general public, reports of work in progress, dissertation abstracts, prospectuses of books, book reviews, and political debates and commentaries.   Submitted works shall be reviewed by the editorial board members, as well as, outside reviewers.    Contributions can be made in any of the following languages besides English:  Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.    We request scholarly articles that are not in English be submitted with abstracts (a paragraph or two) and titles in English.    All works that appear in this journal are copyrighted, and we do not assume any responsibility for their contents.   All discussions and commentaries regarding a particular work are shown in the corresponding work.