English Actors at the turn of the Twentieth Century

Sarah Bernhardt in "Iseyl"
Arthur Bourchier in "The Bishop's Move"
Mmme. Caroline Otero in "L'Impiratrice"
Edward Terry in "My Pretty Maid"
Ellen Terry in "Henry VIII"
Huntley Wright in "San Toy"
F. Collingbourne in "San Toy"
Maud Jeffries in "Herod"
Beerbohm Tree in "Herod"
Ellis Jeffreys in "The Sacrament of Judas"
Forbes Robertson in "The Sacrament of Judas"
Emund Payne in "The Toreador"
Marie Studholme in "The Toreador"
Mrs. Brown Potter
Walter Passmoor in "Iolanthe"
Weedon Grossmith in "The New Boy"
Louie Freear in "The Lady Slavey"
Connie Ediss in "The Silver Slipper"
Jane Hading in "Plusque Rene"
M. Coquelinaine in "Plus que Rene"
Seymour Hicks in "Quality Street"
Hayden Coffin in "The Country Girl"
Herbert Waring in "Under the Red Robe"
H. B. Irving in "As You Like It"
George Alexander in "If I Were King"
Fred Perry in "Change Alley"
Lewis Waller in "The Three Musketeers"
Irene Vanbrugh in "The Admirable Crichton"
Winifred Emery and Cyril Mauds in "The School for Scandal"
Ada Reeve in "Floradora"
Mme. Réjane in "Sylvie"
Jessie Bateman in "The Man From Blankley's"
Lena Ashwell in "Bonnie Dundee"
Miss Granville in "An Interrupted Honeymoon"
Vane Featherstone in "The Price of Peace"
Mrs. Maesmore Morris in "Chance the Idol"
Kate Sargentson
Miriam Clements
Charles Groves in "The Elder Miss Blossom"
Charles Hawtrey in "A Message from Mars"
Katie Seymour in "The Runaway Girl"
Ellaline Terriss in "Bluebell in Fairyland"
Evie Greene in "Kitty Grey"
Cecil Raleigh in "The Best of Friends"

From a book entitled "Players of the Day",
published in London by George Newnes, circa 1902.

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