Isaac Blankson
Applied Communication Studies, SIUE

Rick Essner
Biological Sciences, SIUE

Gary Hicks
Chair, Mass Communications, SIUE

Tom Jordan
Historical Studies, SIUE

Larry LaFond
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, SIUE

Peter Minchin
Biological Sciences, SIUE

Barbara Nwacha
Chair, Art and Design, SIUE

Jen Rehg
Chair, Anthropology, SIUE

Alison Reiheld
Philosophy, SIUE

Bill Retzlaff
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, SIUE

Aldemaro Romero
Biological Sciences, SIUE

Wendy Shaw
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, SIUE

Dan Smithiger
Music, SIUE

Silvia Torres
Director, International Trade Center, SIUE

Denise DeGarmo
Professor of Political Science, SIUE

Gregory Sierra
Professor of Accounting, SIUE

Ross Silverman
Professor of Medical Humanities, SIUC

Mary Weishaar
Associate Dean School of Education, Health, and Human Bevavior, SIUE

Phillip Weishaar
Professor of Special Education and Communication Disorders, SIUE