Dr. Heydrich Perez meets with Chancellor Furst-Bowie and Dean Romero 
Dr. Mayra Heydrich Perez is Professor and Titular Researcher in the Department of Microbiology. She is also head of the Microbial Ecology Laboratory. In addition, she is currently the president of the National Court of Doctor in Biological Sciences, member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Biology, the Committee of Master of Microbiology, and the National Commission of the Microbiology Major. She is also the Academic Coordinator for Semester Programs at Havana University. Dr. Mayra Heydrich Perez visited SIUE February 24-26 2013. While here she met with a variety people and visited several facilities. Dr. Heydrich Perez met with our Chancellor Dr. Julie Furst-Bowie, Provost Ann Boyle, the CAS Chairs and Directors, and a number of faculty in several departments. She also visited the LASA (Laboratory for Applied Spatial Analysis), the new science building, the Art and Design building, the green roof project, and the SIUE gardens. To round off her itinerary Dr. Heydrich Perez attended a Jazz Band concert and a Science Colloquium Series event.