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Alicia DeShasier June 1, 2009

DeShasier Finishes Fourth in Javelin
at U.S. Track and Field National Championships

          Eugene, Ore. - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville track and field and softball alum Alicia DeShasier (Carrollton, Ill.) finished fourth in the women's javelin throw on Saturday at the United States Track and Field National Championships in Eugene, Ore.
          Just one year removed from finishing fifth at the U.S. Olympic Trials at Hayward Field, DeShasier notched a personel best on her fifth throw during the final round with a toss of 180 feet, eight inches (55.08 meters).
          "It was great to be back," said DeShasier. "It was pretty electric and I had lot of fun. I really like throwing here. I felt good about my throws, and I am very pleased to have a personal best at a meet like this one."
          Kara Patterson, a Purdue University graduate, and Rachel Yurkovich finished first and second in the event and will head to Berlin, Germany for the Track and Field World Championships. Patterson, an 2008 Olympian, led with a toss of 209 feet, ten inches (63.95 meters).
          DeShasier holds the school record in the javelin throw at SIUE with a toss of 164 feet, nine inches (50.23m), as well as being a 2006 first team All-American in softball for the Cougars.
Women Javelin Throw
 Best 8 to Final - break ties.
       World: W 72.28m  9/13/2008   Barbara Spotakova, CZE
    American: A 64.19m  5/6/2007    Kim Kreiner, Nike
     Hayward: S 65.20m  2007        Barbora potkov, Czech Republic
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Kara Patterson               unattached              63.95m     209-10
      FOUL  48.88m  52.02m  FOUL  63.95m  FOUL
  2 Rachel Yurkovich             unattached              59.31m     194-07
      54.74m  59.07m  56.32m  FOUL  59.31m  57.60m
  3 Kim Kreiner                  Nike                    58.00m     190-03
      54.82m  58.00m  56.45m  52.49m  FOUL  54.20m
  4 Alicia DeShasier             unattached              55.08m     180-08
      52.48m  52.20m  54.48m  55.08m  50.65m  52.08m
  5 Dana Pounds-Lyon             U.S. Air Force          54.76m     179-08
      54.76m  51.48m  FOUL  53.24m  50.73m  51.21m
  6 Kimberley Hamilton           Kent State              53.96m     177-00
      46.56m  49.31m  53.96m  44.90m  FOUL  51.29m
  7 Kayla Wilkinson-Colgrove     unattached              52.39m     171-10
      52.39m  50.83m  48.03m  FOUL  50.28m  52.09m
  8 Katie Coronado               New Mexico              50.67m     166-03
      47.64m  50.57m  50.67m  46.77m  43.35m  49.45m
  9 Michelle Thompson            Georgia                 49.66m     162-11
      FOUL  46.06m  49.66m
 10 Hannah Warfield              unattached              49.19m     161-05
      49.19m  45.22m  46.73m
 11 Leslie Bourgeois             unattached              47.42m     155-07
      45.70m  45.47m  47.42m
 12 Anna Raynor                  Klub Keihas             46.99m     154-02
      46.99m  46.18m  45.92m
 13 Meghan Briggs                Virginia                46.57m     152-09
      45.06m  46.57m  45.08m
 14 Lisa Brown                   unattached              46.11m     151-03
      46.11m  45.70m  44.86m
 15 Michelle Coombs              Eastern Washington      45.85m     150-05
      43.46m  45.08m  45.85m
 16 Samantha Ford                unattached              45.46m     149-02
      FOUL  45.46m  FOUL
 -- Brandi McNeil                unattached                FOUL

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