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A quote often attributed to Albert Einstein (rumour has it that he probably didn't say it - but it sounds good!) "As a young man, my fondest dream was to become a geographer. However, while working in the customs office I thought deeply about the matter and concluded it was far too difficult a subject. With some reluctance I then turned to physics as a substitute."

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    I am a cultural/social geographer with teaching interests 
    in human geography, cultural geography, urban geography, 
    LDC development, the history and philosophy of geography, 
    and introductory physical geography.


    My current research interests include:
	The geography of ACT Scores
        The geography of U.S. poverty
        Poverty and its link to banking structure in Appalachia
	The geography of Affluence

    I have had a book published:
	"The Geography of United States Poverty:
	Patterns of Deprivation, 1980-1990"
	Garland Publishing Inc., New York, 1996
	ISBN 0-8153-2536-3	HC110.P6S45 1996

    I have also written a paper that contrasts the development of East St. Louis
    and Glen Carbon-Edwardsville.  The focus is on the contrasting historical
    roots of these communities.
	Read my paper

    I also edit and publish an online journal, GEOGRAPHY ONLINE


    I will be teaching one class in Fall 2006:
	GEOG210 Physical Geography 	M W   5:30-6:45pm
    My offices hours beginning on August 24th will be:
		Monday and Wednesday	4:30-5:15pm
Some Personal Info

	Some Personal Information

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