Undrah Baasanjav, Ph.D.

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Thank you for visiting. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mass Communications at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.
Visit me during my office hours: W 3-4, T and Th 1-2 or by appointment (Spring 2016)
or contact me by tel: (618) 650 5687 or email: ubaasan(at)siue.edu.


At SIUE, I teach MC 500: Mass Communication Theory, MC 441: Advanced Digital Media and MC 327: Design and Writing for Digital Media.

These courses allow students explore theoretical approaches and practical applications of digital media. In my classes, students create web sites, blogs and multimedia projects that examine various media issues ranging from security and anonymity of the Internet to the ownership and aesthetical appeals of digital media.

I also taught at Temple and Michigan Technological Universities courses like Information Society, Communication & Development and Future of TV.


I research digital television transition, Internet governance, language diversity on the Internet, digital divide and the gender aspects of online gaming. Below are the links to my recently published articles:

Baasanjav, U. (2016). The public interest and transition to digital television in Mongolia. International Journal of Digital Television, 7 (1).

Baasanjav, U. (2014). Linguistic diversity on the Internet: Arabic, Chinese and Cyrillic script top-level domain names. Telecommunications Policy, 38 (11). 961-69. doi: 10.1016/j.telpol.2014.03.005.

Baasanjav, U. (2013). Incorporating the experiential learning cycle into online classes. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching. 9(4), 575-589.

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I serve the department as a web master and Mass Communications Week organizer. I also serve on graduate faculty, curriculum and tech committees. Mass Comm Week event last Spring semester brought to campus 18 speakers including Pulitzer Price winning photojournalist Jim Forbes of Saint Louis Dispatch, Editor-in-Chief of Ouest-France Vincent Jarnigon, and investigative journalist Violette Lazard of Le Nouvel Observateur, France.

I also review (on an ad-hoc basis) for journals New Media and Society, Information, Communication, and Society, The Journal of Information Technology and Politics, and The Asian Journal of Communication.