ECE 538/539 Project Progress Presentations

During weeks 3 and/or 4, I want you to present to the class a progress presentation for your project. These will be informal presentations – you may have a few slides, but I do not want too much time spent in preparation with only a five week term, just tell us about your project status. Tell us: 1) an overview of your entire project (or your part of a group project), 2) a status report -- what is done, what is left to do, and 3) anticipated completion date and anticipated results.

Your presentation should be about 10 minutes. Since you have limited time, be well organized. DO NOT 1) read your presentation to the class, 2) try to present too much information.

Your presentation will be evaluated with the following criteria in mind:


Preparation -- Has the presentation been well thought out, and planned?

Clarity -- Can we understand what your project (or part of the project) is about?

Organization -- Is your talk well-organized? Does it follow a logical progression? Is there a well-defined outline of what is presented ?

Completeness -- Did you tell us everything we need to know? Did you provide a good introduction? Did you provide clear, positive summary and conclusions?

Usefulness -- Did you provide us with useful information?

Questions -- Were you successful at fielding questions?


Professionalism -- appearance, manner, visual aids, etc.

Communication -- Did you maintain eye contact with the entire audience? Did they understand you? etc...

Time Limits -- Your presentation will not look too impressive if it only takes 2 minutes, or if we get to the 15 minute mark and you still have important points to make. Pace yourself, and practice beforehand.

This presentation can be thought of as practice for your final project presentation (week 8).