Advanced CVIP Project Proposal

The nature of the advanced CVIP projects is applied research. You will define a research problem that can be solved using computer vision/image processing.

The project proposal has two parts: 1) a written proposal and, 2) an oral presentation. The proposal is worth 10% of your term grade, so it is important!

Oral Presentation

The oral presentation should be about 10-15 minutes. It should include: 1) the project proposal, and 2) a brief summary of a related journal paper. These two parts should be integrated into a well-organized presentation. The journal paper should be related to the specific project, and serve as one of the references for the project. For example, the paper may provide background material, provide direction and focus for your project, or may provide a starting point for your research.

A well-organized presentation requires planning and practice. If you use overhead slides be sure they are professional and not cluttered - use LARGE fonts, that can be read from the back of the room. In general, do not put more than about 5 bulleted items on a slide. DO NOT read from the slides, or your notes! - talk to the audience, look at all of us. Remember you are giving a presentation to the audience, not to the instructor.

Dress in a professional manner, this is a formal presentation. For our purposes this can be business casual; no blue jeans, T-shirts or shorts. No sandals or flip-flops. If you dress professionally, you will act professional.

The presentation should be complete. It should have an introduction, where you introduce yourself and your presentation (tell us what you will tell us). Next comes the main body of the presentation where you tell us everything. Finally, your summary and conclusions, where you tell us what you told us. Focus on your audience, you know who we are (538/539 students), try to make your presentation useful to us. Clarify anything you had difficulty with but be sure to not get too detailed - you only have 15 minutes! Also remember that the focus of the presentation is your project proposal, not the journal paper.

Written Proposal

The following is a brief outline of what your proposal should include:

1) Title page - your names, date, course name/number, project title.

2) Table of Contents – title and page numbers for each Section

3) Overview/Introduction - purpose of project, statement of what you propose to do. Be sure to refer to your references (number them and include numbers after text as appropriate).

4) Background - prior work and how your work fits into the big picture. Be sure to refer to your references (number them and include numbers after text as appropriate).

5) Materials and Methods - what tools and what images will you use? What methodologies will you use; e.g. (computer vision) how will you define your training and test sets? (image processing) what are your fidelity criteria, and how will they be measured?

6) Objectives and Strategy - scope of work and any assumptions you are working under, details of your plan, and a schedule.

7) Results - how will you measure success? How will you present the results? (graphs, images, tables) Be specific.

8) Summary - summarize your project proposal.

9) References - list any current references, and any others that you know of that you plan to use. Use reference numbers in the paper itself. Be sure they are complete, see examples in the journal papers.