George Stacey Staples, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Edwardsville, Illinois 62026-1653

Email:  sstaple at

Spring 2019

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Math 223 Logic & Mathematical Reasoning

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:00-5:50 in Science East 2280.

Math 250 Calculus III

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11:00-12:50 in Founders Hall 0207.

Math 350 Introduction to Analysis

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:00-3:50 in Science East 2270.

Courses Taught Previously:

  • Math 555 Functional Analysis with Applications
  • Math 545 Real Analysis II
  • Math 520 Topics in Algebra
  • Math 502 Advanced Calculus for Engineers
  • Math 490C Topics in Complex Analysis and Geometry
  • Math 451 Complex Analysis
  • Math 450 Real Analysis I
  • Math 421 Linear Algebra II
  • Math 420 Abstract Algebra
  • Math 350 Introduction to Real Analysis
  • Math 321 Linear Algebra
  • Math 320 Introduction to Algebraic Structures
  • Math 224 Discrete Mathematics
  • Math 223 Logic & Mathematical Reasoning
  • Math 250 Calculus III
  • Math 152 Calculus II
  • Math 150 Calculus I
  • Math 125 Precalculus
  • Math 120 College Algebra
  • Math 112a Mathematics for Elementary Education

  • Master's Students

    Huiqing Zhou
    Elementary Functions and Their Inverses on Zeons, Fall 2018.

    Amanda Davis
    Boolean Satisfiability, Graph Problems, and Zeons, Fall 2018.

    Erin Haake
    Zeon Solutions of Quadratic Equations, Summer 2018.

    Theresa Lindell
    Norm Inequalities in Zeon Algebras, Spring 2018.

    Alex Weygandt
    Extension of Elementary Functions to Zeons, Spring 2017.

    Tiffany Stellhorn
    An Extension of Nilpotent Adjacency Matrices for Graph Coloring, Summer 2016.

    Lisa Dollar
    Square and kth Root Properties of Zeons, Summer 2016.

    David Wylie
    Factoring Blades and Versors in Euclidean Clifford Algebras, Summer 2014.

    Paul Michael Antonacci
    Computing Grobner Bases in Generalized Clifford Algebras with Mathematica, Fall 2011.

    Cody J Cassiday
    On the Representations of Particular Semigroup Algebras, Fall 2011.

    Glenn M Harris
    Spinors and Graph Theory, Fall 2009

    Senior Projects

    Brett Ruckman
    Kirchhoff's Matrix Tree Theorem, Spring 2017.

    Jennifer Stock
    The Quaternion Rotation Formula, Spring 2017.

    Amanda Strotheide
    The Nilpotent Adjacency Matrix, Spring 2016.

    Kip Brown
    Quaternions: An Introduction to Geometric Algebra, Spring 2015.

    Jordyn Harriger
    A Closer Look at Panova's Factorization of Banded Permutations, Spring 2015.

    Andrew Stern
    Geometric Algebra in Electromagnetism, Spring 2014.

    Alivia Carrico
    An Introduction to Geometric Algebra, Summer 2011.

    Tatum Hawkins
    Nilpotent Adjacency Matrix Approach to Counting Cycles in a Finite Graph, Spring 2009.

    Eric J. Brown
    Rotations with Quaternions, Spring 2008.

    Amber Kohnz
    Knot Theory and the Jones Polynomial, Summer 2007.

    Bethany Stoverink
    Clifford Algebras, Summer 2007.

    Greg York
    The Lorentz Transformation and Rotations in Space-Time, Spring 2007.

    Taylor Eavenson
    Knot Theory: History and Applications of the Alexander Polynomial, Spring 2007.

    Jeri Lynn Brown
    Partitions and Counting Numbers, Fall 2006.

    Brandon Huff
    An Examination of the Three-Weight Problem, Spring 2006.