Biology 111 - Contemporary Biology                                       Spring Semester 2002

Text  - Biology: Concepts and Connections                                Dr. R.B. Brugam

            Campbell, Mitchell and Reece                               Office = Biology Office

Room   Lecture SL 0209                                                              Lab     = SL 3211

                                                                                                    Phone = 618-650-2377

Time     11:00 to 11:50 MWF                                           Email =       



Course Goals:

1.To teach you how biology impacts modern life

2.To give you an understanding of how science works

3. To improve your critical thinking and writing skills



Lecture Schedule


Introductory Chemistry


Week         Date                                      Title                                      Readings (Chap.)

1                M Jan 7                  Introduction - The Nature of Science                1

                  W Jan 9                 More on the Nature of Science                         1

                   F  Jan 11               Atoms and Molecules                                       2


2                 M Jan 14               Atoms and Molecules                                       2

                   W Jan 16             Molecules of Cells                                            3

                   F   Jan 18              Molecules of Cells                                            3


3                 M Jan 21               Dr. M.L. King Day - no class

                   W Jan 23              A Tour of the Cell                                             4




                    F Jan 25               Quiz 1


4                 M Jan 28               Continuing our Tour of the Cell                         4        

                   W Jan 30              Cell Division - The Basis of Genetics                 8

                    F Feb 1                More on Cell Division                                       8






5                  M Feb 4               Mendelian Genetics                                         9

                    W Feb 6              More Mendelian Genetics                                9

                     F Feb 8               Quiz 2


6                   M Feb 11            Even More Mendelian Genetics (Wow!)           9

                     W Feb 13           DNA and Molecular Genetics                         10

                      F Feb 15            More on DNA                                              10         


7                    M Feb 18           Protein Synthesis                                            10         

                      W Feb 20          More on Protein Synthesis                              10

                      F  Feb 22           Quiz 3


Modern Applications of Genetics and Molecular Biology


8                    M Feb   25         Recombinant DNA                                           12       

                      W Feb 27          More Recombinant DNA                                 12                     

                       F  Mar 1           Still more Recombinant DNA                            12                   

                        F Mar 1           Genetics and Molecular Biology Critique Due


9                     M Mar   4         Cancer and its Causes                                      11.13 to 11.7

                       W Mar   6         Cancer and its Causes                                      11.13 to 11.7  

                        F  Mar 8          Quiz 4 


Spring Break March 11 to 17


Evolutionary Biology


10                    M Mar 18        The History of Ideas on Evolution                     13.1 to 13.3          

                        W Mar 20        Darwin’s Ideas                                                 13.4    

                        F   Mar 22       Darwin’s Theory and the Modern Synthesis      13.4 to 13.12  


11                    M Mar 25        Variation and Natural Selection                         13.13 to 13.21

                        W Mar 27        The Origin of Species                                       14       

                        F Mar   29       Quiz 5 


12                    M Apr 1           More on the Origin of Species                          14                   

                        W Apr 3          Human Evolution                                              19       

                        F Apr 5            Human Evolution                                              19       



Ecology and Environmental Science

13                    M Apr 8           The Biosphere                                                  34       

                        W Apr 10        More on the Biosphere                                     34

                        F Apr 12          Quiz 6 


14                    M Apr 15         Population Growth                                            35       

                        W Apr 17        Population Growth                                            36.1 to 36.2    

F   Apr 19                Illinois State Academy of Sciences Meeting

No Class today, but

You are Invited to Attend the Meeting in the

Morris University Center


15                    M Apr 22         Ecosystems                                                      36.3 to 36.6

                        W Apr 23        Ecological Energetics                                        36.8 to 36.12  

                        F   Apr 24        Biogeochemistry                                               36.13 to 36.20            

                        F Apr 24         Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Science

                                              Critique Due    



****FINAL  EXAM : Thursday May 7 at 10:00 AM to 11:40 A.M.  SL 0209*****

This time is the time assigned for our course in the Spring Course Schedule.



1. Class Attendance


     It  is expected that everyone will be present at every class meeting.  Those students who are chronically absent will be asked to withdraw from the course.   Roll will be taken  intermittently so you must come to every class.  Attendance will be part of your final grade!


     Lecture  material  will  be taken from  the  text  entitled: Biology: Concepts and Connections by Campbell, Mitchell and Reece   and  from  the instructor's  own  experience.   You will be tested both  on  the readings  and on the lectures.   Absences from class will make it

impossible to score well on the exams.


2. Reading Assignments


     The syllabus lists the readings required for the class.  You will,  on  average,  need  to spend 2 hours reviewing  the  class material for every 1 hour spent in the lecture.   You should read the required material before class. 


3. Writing Assignment


            You will be expected to complete two writing assignments in the semester. The assignments will be critiques of articles in the popular press on biological topics.  The first assignment will be due March 1 and will be on some aspect of genetics, molecular biology or biology in medicine.   The second assignment will be due on April 24 and will be on some aspect of ecology, evolution or environment. 


            For the writing assignment you will read an article and write a critique. The critique will include 1) a brief review of the main points of the article.  2)A statement of the impacts of the ideas you read about on human life and society 3) A critique of the scientific point of view expressed in the article. Critiques should be approximately 3 pages in length.


            You will be limited the following popular magazines and newspapers:


1. Scientific American             6. Smithsonian

2. American Scientist              7. Nature

3. BioScience                          8.Audubon

4. Science                               9. National Wildlife

5. Natural History                  10. Discover


These sources are available in Lovejoy Library or in your local town library. Alternatively, you can purchase the latest edition of the magazine at Borders in Fairview Heights.  If you have questions about an article that you want to critique, please consult the instructor.  If you want to write on an article from a periodical that is not on the above list, please contact your instructor.


            The format of the critiques must be as follows:


            a. You must type your paper on a computer with 12 font.  No hand written papers will be accepted.

            b. Your paper must be stapled

            c. Your paper must be double space and printed on only one side.

            d. You must include the author, title, volume and date of the magazine from which you got the article.


4. Make‑up Exams (NOT!)


     There  will  be  no  make‑up exams.   Six  exams  have  been scheduled  at intervals through the semester.    Your  top  five grades will be used in determining your final grade.  If you miss an  exam,  then the zero that you get will be considered  one  of your  dropped  grades.   If you miss more than 2 exams, the  zeros will count!   Beware! The final is comprehensive and very heavily weighted.


5. Grade Calculation

     Grades will be calculated as follows:


               First Quiz           10% 

               Second Quiz       10%

               Third Quiz          10%

               Fourth Quiz        10%

               Fifth Quiz           10%

               Final Exam         30%

                Critiques (2)       15%

               Attendance            5%

               Total                 100%


6.  Availability of the Instructor


     If  you  are having difficulties with  the  class  material, please  do  not  hesitate  to contact  the  instructor  so   help sessions can be arranged.   The purpose of Biology 111 is to give you  an  understanding  of the contributions of  biology  to  the modern  world.   If  you are having difficulties with  the  class material,   the  class  is  not  fulfilling  its  purpose.    The instructor is very concerned that every student gets as much as he or  she  can from the class.   If you are frequently absent  from class,  however,  you  must not expect the instructor to  conduct  special classes for you. 


     The Instructor's office hours are: 10:00 to 11:00 on Monday, Wednesday  and  Friday.  If  he is not in  his  office,  he  will certainly be in his lab.   You may also make an appointment for a specific time with the Biology Department Secretary.