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What is computational physics?

Computational physics is the study and implementation of numerical algorithms in order to solve problems in physics for which a quantitative theory already exists.

For more information, you can visit This Wikipedia article.

Source Code


CS 590: Visual Analytics

The following programs are written in Processing. Processing is free and be be downloaded from here


Physics Classes

PHY 112: Physics for Scientists and Engineers, III PHY 206: Chaos and Complexity PHY 220: Mechanics I PHY 284: Quantum Mechanics I PHY 318: Methods of Computational Physics PHY 330: Optics PHY 380.03: Nonlinear Dynamics PHY 384: Quantum Mechanics 2 PHY 388: Advanced Computational Physics PHY 390: Stock Portfolio Optimization

Mathematics Classes

MAT 260: Discrete Mathematics

Mathematics Classes

MAT 340: Differential Equations I

Experiments with C Programming

Spare Time Programing

Experiments with LaTeX

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