List of Masters Projects and Senior Assignments Directed


Masters Projects Directed

  1. Robert Wachtel, Fall 2008, Title: Reliability of Repairable Components
  2. Elizabeth Skaer, Summer 2007, Title: Burn-in at the System and Component Levels
  3. Guotao Song, Summer 2007, Title: A Statistical Validation of Pharmacokinetic Drug Absorption
  4. Caihua Yang, Spring 2005, Title: Introduction to the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model and the Binomial Option Pricing Model

Senior Assignments Directed

  1. Chris Karius, Fall 2009, Title: System Reliability
  2. Shane Lange, Summer 2009, Title: Home Field Advantage in the NFL
  3. Jacob Ley, Summer 2008, Title: Software Reliability
  4. Kenneth Sindel, Summer 2008, Title: Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process
  5. Diane Murphy, Spring 2008, Title: Right-Censoring Mechanisms
  6. Joel Albers, Spring 2007, Title: Renewal Theory and the Insurance Ruin Problem
  7. Darren Garbuz, Spring 2007, Title: Multiple Server Queuing Systems
  8. Cora Noble, Summer 2006, Title: A Simulation of the Two-Dimensional Poisson Process
  9. James Nash, Summer 2005, Title: Simulation and Queuing Systems
  10. Ryan Chartrand, Fall 2004, Title: Take a Walk, a Random Walk
  11. Dhaval Patel, Fall 2004, Title: Brownian Motion and its Application
  12. Elizabeth King, Fall 2004, Title: Linear Programming: A Look at the Transportation Problem
  13. Julie Reinhard, Spring 2004, Title: A Study of the Branch and Bound Algorithm Applied to Integer Programming
  14. Jason Butler, Fall 2003, Title: The Poisson Process

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