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MBA 521 - Quantitative Analysis


Course description:

This course introduces a structured approach to problem solving and the fundamental quantitative methods used to formulate and solve problems to support business decision making. Students will practice both analysis of complex situations and communication of results based on these decision models.

Quantitative knowledge expected at the beginning of MBA 521

  • Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, median and mode)
  • Measures of Variability (Standard Deviation and Coefficient of Variation)
  • Correlation
  • Sampling and Estimation including the Normal Distribution and Confidence Intervals
  • Basic Hypothesis Testing
  • Basic Regression Analysis

If you have this knowledge from a statistics course (MS 251 at SIUE or the equivalent from another school), you are ready to begin MBA 521.

Supplemental Learning

If you do not understand these concepts or would like a refresher, you can complete an interactive online course offered through the Harvard School of Business. The results of your work will be transmitted to the instructor through the Harvard Publishing Website. Admitted students will receive information about this online course in their letter of admission.

In addition to the topics listed above, the online course includes multiple regression and decision analysis. We will be covering these topics in MBA 521. The information available through the online course can serve as a helpful resource as we cover this material.

I use Blackboard as a tool to support communication and coordination with students.  Please go to http://bb.siue.edu.  For technical requirements or instructions for using Blackboard, see Blackboard Student Resources. For additional help, contact Information Technology Services at 650-5500 or visit their office in the basement of Lovejoy Library, room LL0005.

MBA 521 Course Syllabus


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