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Student Entitlement

Students in this classroom are entitled to a respectful learning environment. To create such an environment I will try to ensure that:

a) I arrive on time to class.
b) I provide students with their graded tests and papers in a timely manner.
c) I am available to students outside class to help with understanding course material and assignments that are due.

Unfortunately, I have heard some students claim that my status as professor entitles them to a passing grade regardless of whether they:

a) Attend class
b) Arrive to class on time and remain the entire class period
c) Come to class prepared
d) Turn in assignments on time.
e) Participate in group assignments
f) Pay attention in class rather than text message, search the web or listen to music

In this class, students must practice the above characteristics to meet my expectations of an entitled student. If, for some reason, you cannot practice the above consistently, you and I should probably sit down together and find a mutually beneficial solution.