Civil Behavior



Tips in Paper Writing

Excellent Papers


The University is a fun and intimidating place. Alright, maybe it’s just intimidating. It’s the whole “fear factor” that led me to develop some teaching tools that I hope are helpful to students. All my syllabi are on-line, which should help if you are prone to lose papers like me. I also have handouts that might provide students with more direction on how to complete tests and assignments. Even though many of you already passed English 101, it can still be strange to test your writing skills in the social sciences. Thus, I have a page called, “Tips in Writing Papers.” Finally, the examples of what I consider “excellent papers” should guide students on their writing styles.

I also want to point out that the college classroom has grown to be a more and more challenging space as students perceive themselves as entitled to a degree rather than entitled to a good education. Hence, the University has felt compelled to establish some common sense guidelines to keep the classroom a civil place. I encourage each student to read the guidelines and adopt them for your classroom behavior. I know I would feel much more comfortable if everyone practiced them.

I have established my own set of guidelines that I will discuss with students the first day of class. Here they are in case you would like to study them more carefully: Student Entitlement and Civil Behavior in the Classroom