Principles of Engagement: A Commitment to Civility in the Classroom
In keeping with the SIUe values of  EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, OPENNESS, CITIZENSHIP, and WISDOM, as well as to foster a climate of respect and provide you with a quality educational experience, we ask for your full understanding of and commitment to the following principles of engagement.

   * Learning cannot effectively occur in a chaotic environment of
     disrespect and incivility toward one another.

   * Learning is an active enterprise characterized by the sharing and
     discussion of ideas.

   * It is your responsibility to maintain classroom behavior that is
     courteous and sensitive to the rights of others.

   * Be on time ALL the time: Entering late disrupts the class for the
     instructor and your classmates and is just plain rude!

   * Raise your hand and ask to be recognized. Do not interrupt.

   * Do not use personal stereos during class. This is both rude and

   * Turn off your cell phone. Calls can be returned later.

   * If you disagree with something, do it in a tactful and
     professional way. Yelling and screaming will get you nowhere.

   * Treat everyone in the class, including your instructor, as you
     wish to be treated.
   * If you have a problem or a question that requires discussion, make
     an appointment with your instructor during his/her office hours.
     Catching them in the hall on the way to class or while leaving
     class is not a good idea in most cases.
James Klenke
Dean of Students and Associate Vice Chancellor Student Affairs
Students First - Creating a Community of Learners!