Examples of Bibliographies



Example of a pamphlet:
AFL-CIO. The Blitz: A Manual for Organizers on How to Run Fast-Paced Pre-petition Campaigns.
            Washington,D.C.:      AFL-CIO.

Example of a book:
Aronowitz, Stanley. 1983. Working Class Hero: A New Strategy for Labor.  New York: Pilgrim Press

Example of an article within an edited book:
Block, Richard and Benjamin Wolkinson.  1986. "Delay in the Union Election Campaign Revisited."
        In Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations: A Research Annual, eds.
        David B. Lipsky and David Lewin,   42-81.  Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.

Example of multiple authors AND Article
Brecher, Jeremy and Tim Costello.  1996.  "A ‘New Labor Movement' in the Shell of the Old?"
        Labor Research Review  24: 5-25.