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Dr. Linda Markowitz
Box 1455, Dept. of Sociology
SIUE, Edwardsville, IL 62026 USA
email: lmarkow@siue.edu
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SIUE Sociology

Welcome to the world of sociology.  I developed this web-site mainly so students would have access to information that they might not otherwise have.  The “feminism, humanism and social justice” page brings you information about popular culture, news, literature, alternative economies, etc that you might not find elsewhere.  As an advisor to the Employment Relations program at SIUE, I give students a link to the web-site that can address many questions students may have.  If your questions are not addressed at the ER site,  you can ask your advisor directly.  The "local solutions" page is about how to be sustainable here on campus and in your own lives. Suggestions are always welcome!   So, I hope this site finds you surfing at odd hours of the night. Enjoy!