Recent Teaching Activities
Graduate Courses

ENG 543 Grammar Pedagogy

ENG 543-501 Grammar Pedagogy (online version)

ENG 597(a) Seminar in Applied Linguistics - Linguistics in the Professions

ENG 597(b) Gender and Identity in Language Acquisition

Director of TESL International Practicum Experience
Undergraduate Courses

ENG 101 Composition I

ENG 102 Composition II

ENG 102-501 Composition II (Online version)

ENG 369 Grammatical Analysis

Courses for both Graduates and Undergraduates

ENG 400 Principles of Linguistics

ENG 403 History of English

ENG 408 Phonological Analysis

ENG 409 Syntactic Analysis

ENG 468 Second Language Acquisition
Funded Teaching Grants

2008 CAS International Practicum Experience (IPE) support ($1,500)

2007 Strategic Advancement of Graduate Education (SAGE) support for "Creating a distance-learning option for TESL Certification" ($9,150)

2007 CAS International Practicum Experience (IPE) support ($1,500)

2006 CAS Travel Funds for IPE support ($378) 2005 CAS Summer Online Initiative, "Online proposal for English 102," ($5,000)

2005 Excellence in Undergraduate Education, "Re-envisioning the Linguistic Minor," ($2,305)

2004 Excellence in Graduate Education Grant, " Cuernavaca TESL Practicum," ($2,300)

2003 Excellence in Graduate Education Grant, "Teaching English as a Second Language Foreign Practicum Development," ($2,320)

2003 Excellence in Undergraduate Education Grant (With K. Bueno), " Cuernavaca Travel- Study Program," ($16,900)
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