Metro East Heating and Cooling

Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi electric is the ultimate in home comfort and reliability. From a single zone to heat or cool that spot that your existing heating and cooling system can't take care of to a full house or commercial building. Mitsubishi electric has systems from 6K BTU's(1/2 ton) up to 4 ton and beyond systems.

Most new cars today come with dual climate or quad climate control standard so why doesn't your house which costs 10X that! A conventional gas furnace and air conditioner are single zone. If you only need to heat or cool your bedroom your system will waste energy and heat the whole house. This is the "old" way of heating and cooling. With Mitsubishi Electrics Mr. Slim series you only heat or cool the rooms you need... while doing it more efficiently!

How does Mr. Slim by Mitsubishi do this? They use an inverter driven compressor. While a conventional system has one or two speeds the Mr. Slim system is fully variable and will adjust to your needs and the amount of energy the house needs. This makes for a low energy system that will always adapt. Its a lot like a gas pedal on the car, conventional systems are either full throttle or off while your efficient Mitsubishi system slowly accelerates and then runs at an efficient cruise control level to maintain temperature.

Is your current heating or air conditioner system to loud? Then the Mr. Slim ductless mini split is for you! Conventional systems air conditioners or heat pumps run anywhere from 68 to 82 decibels while Mr. Slim systems run as little as 46 decibels!