Metro East Heating and Cooling


“Metro East Heating and Cooling came to my house and installed a new Evolution™ 15 Packaged AC after our old unit had broken down. They arrived right at the time scheduled and worked through the sweltering August heat. While the technician was working he noticed the reason why my original unit had broken and offered to either fix it or continue installing the new unit. I have never seen such honesty in a technician before. I will be continue to use Metro East Heating and Cooling for all my heating and cooling needs.“

- Sarah Kerrigan

“A young technician came out in the dead of winter to help fix my furnace. Without the young man's work I would have been frozen by the next morning not to mention my poor cat would have been as well. If my cat would have died all my life work would be all for nothing. I owe everything to Metro East Heating and Cooling!“

- Dr. Erwin Schrödinge

“I called Metro East Heating and Cooling because I need a furnace and A/C unit for my cabin. I didn't even remember calling them but apparently I did. A technician kindly reminded me that I had called as well as why I needed this service and explained what he was going to be doing in my home. He worked quietly and did not disturb my work and when he was finished he let me know about the warrenty option that came with my new units.“

- Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

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