Metro East Heating and Cooling


Metro East Heating and Cooling has over 30 years experience serving, industrial, institutional and commercial HVAC customers. We constantly search for ways in which we can and must meet the goals demanded by changes in the market and technology.

We believe you will agree that Metro East Heating and Cooling is a solid choice for all of your HVAC project needs! You can be guaranteed expertise at every facet of your mechanical project when selecting Metro East Heating and Cooling. We will take your project from inception to completion and beyond with pride and our sincere passion for customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to our customers is shared with our subcontractors and vendors. A common goal of maintaining relationships, and a consistent triangle of support has built our success. These are the ingredients necessary to provide our customers a guaranteed system performance at a guaranteed price.

Your HVAC systems are designed and built with performance, first cost, energy, and ease of service in mind. Our Service Department provides constant feedback to our Engineering Department to keep the design of our systems easy to maintain and operate. Our Quality of Care Programs are designed to keep your systems operating at optimum performance and peak efficiency for the life of the system. Our Energy Services Division can monitor and trend analyse the energy consumption of your building to save you unnecessary energy charges over the life of your building including environmental controls, temperature and energy monitoring, and alarm reporting.

Finally, our commitment to each other as a working team is based on a willingness to be honest and forthright. We plan on continuing our success with you, with all our business peers, and our community.