Manuscript & Handout Downloads
These are .pdf versions of selected publications, handouts (or works in progress).  Note: These manuscripts are generally not the most updated (or released) version of the published manuscript (i.e. they are pre-prints).  Many of these are available from Look at my updated C.V. and e-mail me if you want a copy of something not available here or via

Select Manuscripts/Publications
Wave & F0 trace: 'copper' (tone 4) in Manange
Hildebrandt, Kristine.  2004a.  "How do you 'Do' in Manange?" Unpublished Ms (despite the analytical flaws, I think
there is a story here...)Wave & F0 Trace 'copper' in Manange

Hildebrandt, Kristine. 2004b. "A Grammar & Dictionary of the Manange Language." p. 2-189 in Tibeto-Burman Languages of Nepal: Manange and Sherpa. Carol Genetti, ed. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics. (This is a pre-page-proofs version only)

Also from the grammar: the glossary; the references

Hildebrandt, Kristine.  2005. “A Phonetic Analysis of Manange Segmental & Suprasegmental Properties.” Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 28.1 1-36.

Hildebrandt, Kristine.  2007a. “Prosodic and Grammatical Domains in Limbu.” Himalayan Linguistics Journal 8. 1-34

Hildebrandt, Kristine A.  2007b.  “Tone in Tibeto-Burman Languages: Typological and Sociolinguistic Approaches.” p. 67-90 in New Trends in Typology: Young Typologists’ Contributions to Linguistic Theory.  Matti Miestamo and Bernhard Waelchli, eds. Berlin: Mouton.

Hildebrandt, Kristine A. 2007c. “Phonology and Fieldwork in Nepal: Problems and Potentials.” p. 33-44 in Proceedings of the Conference on Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory. Peter Austin, Oliver Bond and David Nathan, eds. London: SOAS.

Hildebrandt, Kristine A. 2007d. “Manange.” p. 283-300 in Grammatical Borrowing in Cross-linguistic Perspective. Yaron Matras and Jeanette Sakel, eds. Berlin: Mouton.

Hildebrandt, Kristine A. 2008. “Tonal F0 Variation in Manange (Tibeto-Burman, Nepal): A Case Study.” Unpublished Manuscript (this is an ever-evolving and never-actually-published study of tonal phonetics in Manange...sigh.... you can ask me to find what what kind of manifestation it has taken most recently).

Hall, T.A., and Kristine A. Hildebrandt. 2008a. "Phonological and Morphological Domains in Kyriong Tibetan." Linguistics 46.2 215-248.

Hall, T.A., Kristine A. Hildebrandt and Balthasar Bickel. 2008b. "Introduction: Theory and Typology of the Word." Linguistics 46.2  183-192.

Hildebrandt, Kristine A. and Oliver Bond. 2009 "WALS in the University Classroom: A Review". Linguistic Typology 13: 183-193.

Hildebrandt, Kristine A. 2009. “Loanwords in Manange, a Tibeto-Burman Language of Nepal.” p. 447-470 in Loanwords in the World's Languages. Martin Haspelmath and Uri Tadmoor, eds. Berlin: Mouton.

Bickel, Balthasar, Kristine A. Hildebrandt and René Schiering.  2009.  “The Distribution of Phonological Word Domains: A Probabilistic Typology.” p. 47-75 in Phonological Domains: Universals and Deviations. Baris Kabak and Janet Grijzenhout, eds. Berlin: Mouton.

Genetti, Carol; Coupe, Alec R.; Bartee, Ellen; Hildebrandt, Kristine and Yin, You-Jing. 2009. "Syntactic Aspects of Nominalization in Five Tibeto-Burman Languages of the Himalayan Area." Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 31.2 97-143.

Schiering, René, Balthasar Bickel and Kristine A. Hildebrandt. 2010. “The Prosodic Word is not Universal.” Journal of Linguistics 46 657-709.

Hildebrandt, Kristine A. and John Joseph Perry. 2011/to appear. "Preliminary Notes on Gyalsumdo: An Undocumented Tibetan Variety in Manang District, Nepal." Himalayan Linguistics 10.1 1-19.

Hildebrandt, Kristine A. Forthcoming. "Manange." How Languages Work, Carol Genetti, ed. CUP. (this is still a pretty early version)

Selected Presentations (if you would like to cite these, it's okay, but please ask me first, as I may have done some updated work on the topic)

Complex Stems in Manange.”  Linguistic Society of Nepal, 25th Annual Meeting, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal, November 2004

Bipartite Stems and the Himalayan Enclave Hypothesis.”  2005 Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Oakland, CA, January 9 2005

The Areal and Genealogical Dimensions of Hiatus.” Workshop on Areal Linguistics, Bielefeld Germany, February 2006.

The Role of Sub-phonemic Detail in Explaining Phonological Change.” The Linguistic Association of Great Britain Annual Meeting, London, August 2007

The Production and Perception of Tone in Manang Gurung.” Workshop on Phonological Words in South and Southeast Asia, Leipzig, Germany, September 2007 (co-presenter David Hünlich).

Cluster Analysis of Phonological Word Domains.” The 7th Biennial Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT 7), Paris, September, 2007 (co-presenters Balthasar Bickel and René Schiering).

"How Low Can You Go? Contact Effects in Manange (Sino-Tibetan, Nepal)."  University of the West of England Linguistics Seminar, Bristol, March 2008.

"Omnisyllabicity and Hiatus in Sino-Tibetan." Poster presentation at the 17th Annual Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, U.K., May 2009.

"Gurung (Tibeto-Burman) at the Tonogenetic Crossroads." 15th Annual Mid-continental Workshop on Phonology, Indiana University, October 2009.