Group News
  • Congratulations to our May graduates: Sarah Bilskey, Adam Brimberry, Rachel Davis, Krystal Harms, Hannah Lupton, Danielle Smith, and Briah Winchester.
  • Samantha Olendorff won 3rd place at the ISAS Annual Conference for a Chemistry poster on the EDC project in fathead minnows.
  • Dalia Hassan won 1st place at the LSAMP Conference for a Chemistry poster on the EDC project in flatworms.
  • Roya AminiTabrizi and Qianqian Zhang were each awarded $500 from the SIUE Graduate School through the Research Grants for Graduate Students program.
  • SIUE's "This Month in CAS" Article about the Tucker Lab's Undergraduate funding successes.
  • Danielle Smith was awarded $500 by the Illinois Groundwater Association.
    • Project: Correlation of PPCPs in Groundwater with Surface Water and Wastewater in the Mississippi River Valley and Kaskaskia Watershed Aquifer Systems
  • Rachel Davis was awarded $1,000 by the Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research program.
    • Project: Quantitiation and Localization of Endocrine Disruptor Compounds Accumulation in Flathead Minnows by Complementary Mass Spectrometry Analyses

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  • Dr. Kevin Tucker is recognized with the Spring 2017 Vaughn Vandegrift URCA Research Mentor of the Semester Award.
    • Nominated by: Paisley Harper, Michael Lohman, Rachel Davis, Sarah Bilskey, Jessica Rutledge, Clayton Donald and Nicholas Grunloh

      “I speak for the entire lab when I say that every day I am excited to participate in research with Dr. Tucker.  He has given us guidance, support and treats us as his peers. Despite his large group of lab students, he has given us all equal time and attention. Students in the lab are given a great amount of responsibility over our respective projects. We do field work which entails collecting samples and lab work processing and running the samples using a multitude of techniques. Dr. Tucker places a deep responsibility onto the shoulders of several undergraduate researchers by allowing them to operate the LC/MS sample analysis instrument. Dr. Tucker uses his plethora of resources and outreach to help both undergraduate students and graduate students take advantage of every possible opportunity that comes our way, such as involving us in conferences and summer internships. We appreciate that he has pushed us to be invested and dedicated to our projects and has given us agency over what we do in the lab. Dr. Tucker’s unfailing faith and confidence in us as researchers has resulted in the members of our lab, both undergraduate and graduate, to flourish academically.”

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  • Paisley Harper and Michael Lohman won 1st and 3rd Place in the Chemistry Division Undergraduate Poster presentations at the Illinois State Academy of Science Conference in April 2017.
    • Harper - Relationship between Antibiotics Found in Wastewater and Receiving Streams
    • Lohman - Mapping Antibiotics in Southwest Illinois from Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Paisley Harper was accepted at the University of Colorado at Denver, Anesthesiology Assistant Program. Congratulations!