Graduate Students
Roya AminiTabrizi (2018)
Sarah Bilskey (3+2, 2019)
Rachel Davis (3+2, 2019), (URCA Associate 2017-2018, Sigma Xi Spring 2017 GIAR Awardee)
Lacy Niebruegge (2019)
Prakriya Shrestha (2019)
Qianqian Zhang (2018)

Class of 2021
Sarah Rizzo

Class of 2020
Karolina Chmielewska
Nicholas Grunloh
Dalia Hassan
Jayda Hatten
Jackson Hoang
Nicholas Howard
Jillian Rhomberg
Alayna Stephens

Class of 2019
Clayton Donald
Samantha Olendorff
Bobbi Potter (URCA Associate 2018-2019)

Lab Alumni:
Adam Brimberry
Krystal Harms (Dynalabs)
Hannah Lupton (SIUE College of Pharmacy Master's Program)
Danielle Smith
Briah Winchester (Reliable Biopharmaceutical Corporation)

Amanda Markovich
Jessica Rutledge (Alcami)
Paisley Harper (University of Colorado at Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus)
John Little
Michael Lohman (NCERC)

Spring 2018:

Spring 2018 Graduation
Rachel Davis, Dr. Kevin Tucker, Sarah Bilskey, Briah Winchester, and Adam Brimberry after the Spring 2018 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony.

Graduation 2018
Roya AminiTabrizi, Dr. Kevin Tucker, and Qianqian Zhang before the Spring 2018 Graduate Commencement Ceremony.

Samantha Olendorff presenting the lab's research at ISAS. Sam received third place in the category for her presentation!

Qianqian Zhang, Briah Winchester, Hannah Lupton, Dr. Kevin Tucker, Rachel Davis, Sarah Bilskey, Roya AminiTabrizi, and Krystal Harms at the 2018 Probst Poster Presentations.

Back row: Adam Brimberry, Briah Windchester, Rachel Davis, Clayton Donald, Jayda Hatten, Dalia Hassan, Bobbi Potter and Dr. Kevin Tucker. Front row: Hannah Lupton, Lacy Niebruegge, Prakriya Shrestha, Sarah Bilskey, Jillian Rhomberg, Qianqian Zhang, Roya Aminitabrizi, Samantha Olendorff, Sarah Rizzo, and Danielle Smith. Not pictured: Nick Grunloh, Karolina Chmielewska, Krystal Harms, Jackson Hoang, and Laney Stephens.

Fall 2017:

Top: Dr. Kevin Tucker, Sarah Bilskey, Jessica Rutledge, Rachel Davis, Adam Brimberry, Danielle Smith, Qianqian Zhang, and Prakriya Shrestha. Bottom: Amanda Markovich, Clayton Donald, Bobbi Potter, Nick Grunloh, Jill Rhomberg, Alayna Stephens, and Roya AminiTabrizi. Not pictured: Krystal Harms, Dalia Hassan, and Lacy Niebruegge.

Rachel Davis, Amanda Markovich, Dr. Kevin Tucker, and Clayton Donald at the East Central Illinois ACS Undergraduate Research Conference.

Amanda Markovich, Rachel Davis and Clayton Donald presenting their work on EDCs in aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates and contamination in streams caused by wastewater treatment plants.

Spring 2017:

Left to right: (back row) Adam Brimberry, Clayton Donald, Dr. Kevin Tucker, Michael Lohman, John Little, John Ogunyelere, Nicholas Grunloh, (front row) Hannah Lupton, Jessica Rutledge, Sarah Bilskey, Danielle Goetter, Paisley Harper, Rachel Davis, Qianqian Zhang, Roya Aminitabrizi

Rachel Davis (pictured with Dr. Kevin Tucker) was awarded with a $1,000 of funding through the Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of program in Spring 2017.

Danielle Goetter, Dr. Kevin Tucker and Rachel Davis at the Emerging Contaminants in the Aquatic Environment Conference in Champaign, IL. 

Sarah Bilskey, Paisley Harper, and Michael Lohman at the
SIUE Undergraduate Scholars Showcase.

Michael Lohman at the Probst Poster Session 2017

John Little at the LSAMP Annual Conference in Chicago, IL 2017.

Fall 2016

From left to right: Cameron Eischens, Rachel Davis, Paisley Harper, Michael Lohman, Dr. Kevin Tucker, Lauren Zimmer, Hannah Lupton and John Little