The Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory (EPBL) is located in the 3000 sq. ft. Exercise Physiology Laboratory. Inside our biochemistry and physiology laboratory you will find that we have a fully functional lab with dedicated facilities for cell culture, mouse holding (70 individually ventilated cage system and 12 activity cages), biochemical analysis, and sample storage. These facilities support the EBL’s focus on the study of physical inactivity, appetite regulation, obesity, diabetes, and atherosclerosis.


Two Ultra-low -80°C freezer for sample storage

4°C Laboratory refrigerator

Large capacity -20°C freezer

Millipore Direct-Q ultrapure water system

BD Biosciences Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer

ThermoFisher cryogenic (cell storage) vessel

ThermoFisher Sorvall ST40 refrigerated centrifuge 

ThermoFisher Sorvall Legend Micro21 refrigerated centrifuge

Dry block incubator

Assorted vortex mixers

Incubating/shaking microplate shaker

Heated waterbath

Orbital blot shaker

Inverting mixer

Various homogenizers

Luminex MAGPIX System with xPONENT 4.2 analyzer

BioTek Epoch 2 microplate reader

BioTek Magnetic/Vacuum Washer ELx405TS

Bio-Rad 1575 microplate washer

STAT YSI-3000 blood lactate/glucose analyzer

Nitrogen heated evaporator

Applied Biosystems 7500 fast RT-PCR and Verti-Thermocycler

Microplate centrifuge

Invitrogen Qubit 2.0 flurometer

Chemical and flammable liquid storage cabinets

Bio-Rad Power Supply and Gel Blot Electrophoresis System

Bio-Rad ChemiDoc MP system

Bio-Rad Trans-Blot Turbo transfer system

Millipore SNAP id 2.0

ThermoScientific CO2 incubator

ThermoScientific 1300 class II type A2 biological safety cabinet

Ductless fume hood

Mettler Toledo analytical balance

Mettler Toledo pH meter

Leica CM1850 Cryostat

Leica disecting light microscope with digital camera

Carl Zeiss inverted light microscope

Amscope disecting light microscope with digital camera

Nikon fluorescent microscope with digital camera