Above is a Binary Clock. It is displaying the local date and time (based on the time used by your operating system) via simulated "LEDs" in a binary code. The information being presented, from the top to the bottom row is as follows:

day of the month
hour (24-hour)

It is arranged such that the Least Significant Bit (LSB) is on the far-right and the Most Significant Bit (MSB) is on the far-left of each row. The numerical value of each row is found by summing the value(s) of the "on" bit(s) together. Where:
  indicates that the bit is "on"

  indicates that the bit is "off"

Each bit's value is determined by the bit number "n" and the expression:

Bit#n = 2n-1

So, starting from the LSB where n = 1, the value is 20 = 1; the next bit to the left will be 21 = 2; then 22 = 4; 23 = 8; 16; etc. When interpreted correctly, the information displayed by the Binary Clock above will correspond to:

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