Friederich Family History

After doing the research of my family, i was able to go back to 1844 through seven generations, including myself.

The name "Friederich" is the American spelt version. This is the spelling that is most consistantly used within our family
history in America.  Other spelleings included Frederich, Friderich, Frederick,and Friderique.

In 1844, two brothers by the names of John and Nicholas came to America from Hombourg-Haut (Oberhomburg),
Lorraine, France and settled in Mascoutah, Illinois. John was born in 1803 and Nicholas was born in 1809.  Before
coming to America, John worked as a tailor and Nicholas was a paper-maker.  When they settled in Mascoutah, they
bought farmland and became farmers.
  John also worked as a tailor out of his home.

Below, i will go through the six American generation Friederich men.

My Descendants

  • Born 1/21/1809
  •  Died 7/25/1859. 
  • There are no photographs of Nicholas that are known to exist because photographs were fairly new around this time and they were very expensive. He married Anna
          Kiefer. Anna was born on January 1, 1812 and passed away on January 12, 1887.

Peter (2nd Generation in America)
  • Born 12/19/1833
  • Died 3/10/1914
  • He did not come to America with his father.  He came over in 1849 with three of his cousins when he was sixteen years

    old. In 1857, he partnered up with Leonard Heiligenstein Sr. and bought a distillery in Mascoutah and converted it into a

    brewery.  Before coming to America, he worked in a brewery back in France. Also around this time, he opened a saloon

    and a dance hall. He got married on December 26, 1859 to Margaret Grimmer.  Margaret's father gave them sixty acres

    of land after their wedding and Peter also took over the family farm after his father passed away.  Margaret was born on 

        October 6, 1842 and passed away on  September 8, 1885.  Peter then re-married to Mary Anna Albers on May 4, 1886. 

       He had a total of nineteen children.

 Charles (3rd Generation in  America)
  • Born 8/27/1860
  • Died 11/5/1945
  • Charles was a farmer.  However, he was a very poor one.  He came from a family of nineteen children.  There was not much
        inheritance to go around for all of the children, so he had to rent land from someone else.  He eventually packed up and left

        Mascoutah and moved to Belleville. He married Magdalena Aschling on June 4, 1889.  Magdalena was born on March 19, 1861

       and passed away on October 14, 1948.

Joseph (4th Generation in America)
  • Born 2/18/1904
  • Died 6/25/1987
  • Worked in the office for John F. Yoch. Then in 1946 he opened Friederich and
        Juen Coal and Building Material in Belleville. He was the first generation to not

        work as a farmer. He married Bethulia Morgenstern on June 22, 1931 in Belleville. 

        They had three boys named Paul, James, and Rich. Bethulia was born on September   
        9, 1908 and passed away on May 1, 1997.  I was fortunate enough to know my

       Great Grandmother very well.

                                                                                                                                                    Wedding - 1931                                     50th Wedding Aniversary - 1981

James (5th Generation in America)
  • Born 5/1/1937
  • James is my grandfather. He opened two businesses in his lifetime and they were
        both passed down to his kids.  His first business was  Jim Friederich Auto Air

        Conditioning and he opened it in 1968 in Belleville.  In 1979 he opened his second

        business called Camper Exchange.  This was also located in Belleville.  He repaired
        and sold campers and trailers.  He married Joyce Schuetz on May 8, 1957.  They had

        five children named Glenn, Julie, Wayne, Mary Beth, and Nancy.  Joyce was born on                                                             
50th Wedding Aniversary - 2007

        May 27, 1937.                                                                                                                    
Wedding - 1957                                              


Glenn (6th Generation in America)
  • Born 4/29/1958
  • This is my father.  He took over my Grandfather James's Automotive shop in 1976 and has been working as a mechanic ever since.  He married Mary Remelius on
        September 18, 1980.  They had four children named Jacob, Daniel, Carrie, and Jonathan (me).  Mary was born on February 2, 1960. (Picture and more information

          about my parents on main page.)

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