FR 305
Spring 1999

Instructor: Dr. J.D. Mann  Office Hours: MW 9:00-10:00 
Office: 2309 Peck                        TR 9:00-9:30 and by appointment
Office Phone: 650-3512  Classroom: PH 3417 
E-mail: Time: TR 9:30-10:45 
Text (Rental): Rodger, Valentine, Apprendre à traduire, 2nd ed., Toronto: Canadian Scholar's Press 1993.
    (Purchase): Students are expected to purchase a good English-French dictionary (e.g. Collins-Robert) and to make use of other dictionaries (English and French) available in the reference section of Lovejoy Library

In FR 305, written translation of a variety of texts and exercises, both from French to English (version) and from English to French (thème) affords students an opportunity to reinforce the knowledge of French grammar they have already acquired and to increase their mastery in the areas of vocabulary, syntax, and stylistics. In addition, the use of Power Translator Pro software for selected texts will allow students to gain post-editing experience and to discover the advantages and limitations of computer-assisted translation. Class work will consist of four different types of activities:

Translation exercises (thème) assigned from Apprendre à traduire will be corrected and discussed in class every Tuesday. By means of these exercises, students will become familiar with some of the problems most commonly encountered in English-French translation and will learn techniques to resolve them.

Texts to be translated by the student (six version, two thème) represent a variety of writing styles and are drawn from contemporary sources in the areas of expository writing, journalism, business, technical/scientific articles, humor, and literature.

Texts which will be translated by computer and post-edited by the student (both thème and version) are chosen to illustrate the range of capabilities of this still-evolving technology and to familiarize students with some of its possible applications.

Analysis of professional translations as well as comparison of various translations of the same text will provide students the opportunity to identify the types of translation techniques which have been applied and to discuss the cultural dimension which must be incorporated into the work of the translator.

Students' Responsibilities:

Class attendance and performance:
Daily attendance and performance are of utmost importance (35% of final grade). Attendance is required and the student's absences will be reflected in his/her grade for the course. Students are expected to have completed all written assignments and to be prepared to discuss them in class.

Weekly assignment:
The students' weekly assignment will include two types of activities:
-written exercises concentrating on specific stylistic problems and translation techniques will be discussed and corrected in class on Tuesdays
-texts to be translated or post-edited by the student will be discussed and corrected in class on Thursdays

All exercises and texts are to be prepared in writing and brought to class on the day designated on the attached course calendar. They will be collected by the instructor and will constitute 25% of the student's final grade.


Each student will be assigned a different section of one contemporary French novel to translate into correct, idiomatic English over the course of the semester. The completed translation is to be turned in to the instructor on Thursday, April 22. Each student will make an oral presentation based on his/her translation on either February 25 or March 25. The goal of this presentation is two-fold: (1) to provide the student an opportunity to point out difficulties he/she has encountered in carrying out the translation and to discuss the semantic and syntactical choices he/she has made and (2) to allow the other members of the class to provide constructive feedback on the translation. The student is expected to provide a clean copy of his/her in-progress translation to each member of the class on the Tuesday preceding his/her presentation in order to allow time for others to evaluate the work.

The student's grade for the project will be based on the quality of the translation (70%), the quality of the oral presentation (15%) and that of the feedback provided to other students (15%).


The take-home mid-term exam will consist of a passage to be translated from French to English. The translation is to be typed, double spaced and is due on Thursday, March 4. The final exam will include both translation exercises and text(s) and will take place on Monday, May 3 from 8:00 - 9:40 am.
Final grade:  Grading Scale
Five factors will determine the final grade:  A 100-90
class performance and attendance (35%)  B 89-80
homework (25%) C 79-70
project (15%) D 69-60
final exam (15%)  E 59 and below
mid-term exam (10%)
FR 305 Plan du cours Printemps 1999

Semaine du

12 janvier     Introduction et révision de grammaire (le verbe)
14 janvier     Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)

19 janvier     Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
21 janvier     Version – l’essai

26 janvier     Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
28 janvier     Texte (ordinateur)

2 février     Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
4 février     Version - style journalistique

9 février     Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
11 février   Texte (ordinateur)

16 février   Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
18 février   Version - le français des affaires

23 février   Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
25 février   Exposés oraux

2 mars      Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
4 mars      Version - texte humoristique
Examen partiel à rendre

16 mars   Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
18 mars   Thème - texte humoristique

23 mars  Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
25 mars Exposés oraux

30 mars   Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
1 er avril  Texte (ordinateur)

6 avril     Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
8 avril     Version - texte littéraire

13 avril   Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
15 avril   Texte (ordinateur)

20 avril   Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
22 avril  Thème - le français des affaires
Traduction à rendre

27 avril   Apprendre à traduire (exercices choisis)
29 avril   Version - le français scientifique et technique

3 mai Examen final 8h - 9h40

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