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Jireh Loreaux

General software

  • KeePassX – a (FOSS) password manager (based on KeePass by Bruce Schneier)
  • GNU OS – a free/libre and open source (FOSS) operating system (less the kernel)
  • Arch Linux – a GNU/Linux distribution with rolling releases and a Keep It Simple philosophy
  • Emacs – the king of text editors
  • Vim – a lesser, but still useful, text editor
  • Git – a distributed version control system
  • Magit – a Git Porcelain inside Emacs
  • nXML – a new XML mode for Emacs
  • LibreOffice – a (FOSS) office suite (for when someone sends you an evil .docx or .xlsx)
  • sshuttle – a tool to route your DNS traffic through an SSH server

Mathematics software

  • Octave – a (FOSS) tool for numerical computation wtih MATLAB-esque syntax
  • SageMath – a Python-based (FOSS) computer algebra system
  • GeoGebra – create geometric diagrams with optional output to Tikz or PS-tricks
  • MathBook XML – create geometric diagrams with optional output to Tikz or PS-tricks

LaTeX software

  • LaTeX – a (FOSS) tool for typesetting mathematical documents
  • TeX Live – my recommended distribution of LaTeX
  • JabRef – a (FOSS) tool to create and maintain BibTeX databases (supports BibLaTeX).
  • AUCTeX – a LaTeX collection for Emacs
  • git-latexdiff – run latexdiff on git commits (for collaborators who refuse version control)
  • MathJax – javascript to typeset mathematics on the web (powering this site)

Useful information

Educational materials

  • LYAHLearn You a Haskell for Great Good!, intro to Haskell and functional programming

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Vadalabene Center

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