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. On diagonals of operators: selfadjoint, normal and other classes. submitted to OT27 conference proceedings, May 2019.

pdf arXiv : 1905.09987 [math.FA]

. Remarks on essential codimension. submitted to Integral Equations and Operator Theory, February 2019.

pdf arXiv : 1902.09367 [math.OA]

. Traces on ideals and the commutator property. Operator Theory: Themes and Variations — Conference Proceedings, Timişoara, June 27–July 2, 2016, pp. 147–155, April 2018.

pdf arXiv : 1712.06702 [math.FA]

. Thompson's theorem for compact operators and diagonals of unitary operators. Indiana University Mathematics Journal, vol. 67 (1), pp. 1—27, February 2018.

pdf doi : 10.1512/iumj.2018.67.6291 arXiv : 1602.08435 [math.FA]

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General software KeePassX — a (FOSS) password manager (based on KeePass by Bruce Schneier) GNU OS — a free/libre and open source (FOSS) operating system (less the kernel) Arch Linux — a GNU/Linux distribution with rolling releases and a Keep It Simple philosophy Emacs — the king of text editors Vim — a lesser, but still useful, text editor Git — a distributed version control system Magit — a Git Porcelain inside Emacs nXML — a new XML mode for Emacs LibreOffice — a (FOSS) office suite (for when someone sends you an evil .


So, you want to produce professional quality typesetting of mathematical formulae? Look no further. You will need a distribution of LaTeX. A tremendous resource in addition to (or perhaps even in place of) this article is the LaTeX Project. Windows: MiKTeX or ProTeXt Since ProTeXt is MiKTeX based I will only cover the installation of ProTeXt. However ProTeXt is probably easier to install and anyway, it is the recommended distribution for Windows from the LaTeX Project.



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