I have a passion in software development. As a part of the journey of my graduate study, I have been really enjoying the development of software systems, particularly in C/C++. Ubuntu Linux is my favorite environment as it is fast and open source. It gives you a feeling of having raw power at hand. Here are a number of things I am familiar with and have put my hands on during my study.

  • Image Processing and Computer Vision using Intel OpenCV and Matlab
  • Signal Processing in Matlab
  • Real-Time Spatial Data Visualization and Processing
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning using Weka, Matlab, and SAS
  • SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)
  • FLTK and MFC GUI programming
  • DirectShow Multimedia Programming
  • SDL Gaming Development
  • OpenGL 3D Graphic Programming
  • Open Inventor and Coin3D Graphic Programming
  • Robotics Programming Under Player
  • Sensor Driver? Development (such as RFID, GPS, and Vision Sensors) for Player Robotics Framework
  • VRML Applications

I listed a number of software programs I developed in the past. If you want the source code, please email me.


Range Vision¡ªA Range Imaging Data Processing Toolbox in Matlab


  • Noise Filtering
  • Geometric Representation Transformation (points, wavelet representation, occupancy grid)
  • Clustering (K-Means, EM, Hierarchical Clustering, and DBSCAN)
  • Convex Hull

Construction Site Vision Workbench¡ªAn Automated Construction Video Interpretation Software

Developed in C/C++ (Intel OpenCV, MFC, and DirectShow)


  • Video Browsing, Video Indexing, Video Retrieval, and Video Editing
  • Creation of Simulation Model
  • Computer Vision Algorithms (Object Detection and Tracking, Activity Classification, and Abnormality Detection)
  • Simulation Model Based Reasoning

Click here for a Video


Workspace Viewer¡ªA Visualization Software for CAD Models and Point Cloud Data

Developed in C/C++ (Open Inventor, Coin 3D, Octree Representation, Volumetric Rendering)


  • Interactive CAD model visualization
  • Interactive Point Cloud data visualization

Note: I originally planned to develop this software into a 4D CAD software that is different from the ones on the market. That is because I will realize the augmentation of as-built spatial data with 4D CAD models. For some reasons, I did not finish it. Of course, I will continue to work on it in the future.

Click Here for Videos (1) (2)

Real-Time 3D Imaging Data Visualization Software

Developed in C/C++ under linux (FLTK and OpenGL)


  • Real-time visualization of 3D imaging spatial data
  • Octree based multi-resolution visualization
  • Multi-View Port
  • Multi-frame registration base on Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm
  • Integrated with P3-AT mobile platform
  • Wireless Data Retrieving based on Player TCP/IP Client Software


By the way, Check out my SLAM Video ( Our P3-AT robot is exploring a floor of an office building and creating the map simultaneously)


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