These two video snaps, from about 3 seconds apart around 8:55 p.m., were taken along Illinois route 108 a mile west of I-55 looking to the NNW. The first shows what looks like a cone-shaped funnel at the center of the picture. It is illuminated by lightning to its left which is farther away than the lowering, causing some backlighting. The lowering was visible only when there was lightning that backlit it; most of the lightning was in the heavy rain area between me and the lowering. But 3 seconds later, there was another flash of lightning directly behind the lowering. The lightning shows the leading edge of the lowering in the same place as it appears in the previous snap, though this picture is more blurry due the inability of the camera to focus in the dark. But note that the part of the lightning behind the lowering is totally obscured by the lowering, which confirms that this was a very solid cloud lowering, either a funnel or a wall cloud, not scud or a precipitation shaft. The angle of the leading edge and the apparent shape, as seen in the first photo, strongly suggests it was a funnel. This apparent funnel was totally rain-wrapped, and I doubt that I could have seen it in daylight. It also clearly reaches very near the ground, indicating that it may have been a tornado, but I have heard no reports of damage in that location. It was, however, directly in line between the two confirmed touchdowns, and its location is consistent with what would be expected based on both storm structure and movement.

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