WSR88D Doppler Radar Velocity Scans, April 15, 1998

In this image from 2246Z (5:46 p.m. CDT), note the couplet indicating rotation near the northwest corner of Randolph Co, IL. (near upper left of screen). The yellow/orange and green/blue returns indicate winds within the storm blowing in opposite directions, which is an indication of possibly tornadic circulation. This image is from about the time the spotter reported a tornado 5 mi. SSE of New Design, IL, or 4-5 miles west of Red Bud. This would also place it at the approximate time and location of the possible tornado I saw.

This next image from 2251Z (5:51 p.m. CDT) shows the couplet farther east, near Red Bud. At this time, a tornado was reported just east of Red Bud.

The next image from 2256Z (5:56 p.m. CDT) shows the couplet continuing to move east along the northern edge of Randolph Co., now clearly to the east of Red Bud.

In this final image, the couplet is still farther east along the Randolph-St. Clair County boundary. These and other radar images indicate that this storm produced a persistent mesocyclone which moved east from near Lake of the Ozarks into southwest Illinois. The storm produced hail ranging in size from 1 inch to 4.5 inches in diameter, as well as several reports of tornado touchdowns including the two noted above.

I am grateful to Chris Novy for providing me with these radar images.