Ed Clark - A Rememberance

This page is a memorial to Ed Clark, who passed away suddenly in December, 1997. Ed and I were close friends ever since, by random assignment, we became college roomates at Michigan State in the late 1960s. This Web page is dedicated to his memory.


This is for the time we tipped over the snowmobile sled  (You know, the 
	one that would never tip - even if the machine did.)
And for all those bass we caught on Tommy's pond (Well, Geoff and I 
For that mighty pocket-knife slash on Geoff's anchor rope ("CUT THE DAMN 
And for that perfect shot of the setting Leland sun, over a glass-topped 
	Lake Michigan.
(It's still on my bookshelf.)

It's for the snowy day I huffed and puffed  on your favorite XC trail - 
	I tried to keep up!!
"There's a beautiful lake, John - Just three more miles after we get to 
	the top."
It's for anniversary dinners and birthday brunches at Chicago's best,
And for the St. Louis day I failed the "Find me a cigar store" test.

Remember the mighty "mountain whitefish" on Montana's Gallatin?
No trout, but nature had a better treat by the Old Faithful Inn.
In Minnesota, "fake bear" I said; "Let's go back," you replied, and we 
	did, as it lumbered into the trees.
And at Leech Lake, "too shallow -- wait a minute, I've got a bite," then 
	so many perch we could have filled the boat to our knees!
It's for a snowless December hike on a high ridge trail, enjoying the 
	rare sight of a soaring eagle - FROM ABOVE!
But most of all, Ed, this is about a true friend's love.
Now, you're gone - ahead, to that great wilderness area on high.
So, look hard!  Find us a good spot!  I'll be coming one day, with my 
	rod, my line, and my fly.

I love you.  I miss you.  Rest well and be happy, Dear Friend.


If you knew Ed and would like to add your own memorial, you can do so by clicking here. Be sure to include your name. I will try to post any memorials I receive within about a week.

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