This picture appears to show a long, slightly contorted beavertail, and there may be an RFD slot wrapping in front of the meso to the left of the beavertail. The precipitation core was off to the right of this structure. But is there either a beavertail or a meso? Or is it just a quirky outflow structure? On the one hand, I was being blasted by outflow from the NW around the time I took this picture looking to the northwest. On the other hand, a tornado warning was issued about 20 minutes later based on a radar indication of strong rotation a few miles east of where this structure was when I saw it, and a tornado occurred about 20 miles ESE about 50 minutes later. So maybe it was a meso and beavertail. If so, why was I in outflow at this location?

When I encountered the outflow, I thought the storm was going outflow-dominant and that I had been fooled by this structure. But later events suggest it may have been what it appeard to be. Perhaps the outflow was associated with the RFD, and it wrapped/pushed well to the SE. Or maybe this was an outflow-related structure, and the tornadoes originated with another suspicous structure I saw farther south 10 minutes later - which DID have strong inflow. I'll never know for sure, but would appreciate anyone's thoughts - especially from any of the several other chasers who were on this storm.

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