Marion and Mt. Carmel Illinois Tornado Photos

Brent Beasley has givem me permission to post these spectacular photos of tornadoes that hit Marion and Mt. Carmel, Illinois. They are some of the most spectacular photos I have seen of tornadoes in Illinois.

Marion, Illinois Tornado - The May 29th, 1982 Marion, Illinois tornado. The top photo in this set of 3 photos is looking east toward Marion. The tornado is near the intersection of I-57 and Route 13. The middle photo is from the same location and the bottom photo is of a home, just moments after the tornado completely leveled it. Keep in mind, this picture was taken before anything had been cleaned up --there was nothing left, except foundation. In this photo, the tornado has widened. This tornado was rated F4 and caussed 10 fatalities and many injuries. Photos by Brent Beasley.

Mt. Carmel, Illinois Tornado - Brent Beasley writes, "This file contains photos of a tornado that my brother and his wife took when he lived in Mount Carmel, Illinois. I think it was 1994, but it may have been 1993 or 1995." Here are some more photos of this spectacular tornado. Photos by Tim Beasley.

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